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The hCG Diet known by the world was initially developed in 1954 by a British doctor, Albert Simeons. His proposal posited that the HCG hormone HCG be matched with a low calorie diet to stimulate weight loss. Dr. Simeon found that the hormone caused pregnant women to lose large amounts of accumulated fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

During the pregnancy they also lost large amounts of excess fat while preserving lean muscle mass. He sought to discover how weight loss was possible in pregnant women and shortly after, he unearthed the function of the HCG hormone. This important hormone itself does not promote weight loss, it just helps to modify normal eating behavior, and it mobilizes stored excess fat.

How The HCG Hormone Promotes Weight Loss
The hCG hormone works for a pregnant woman by breaking down fat and speeding it to a new location to feed the growing baby in the event of a food shortage. When administered to a person who is not pregnant, an HCG injection works in much the same manner, and the body recognizes that the calories consumed are too low. For this reason, individuals who participate in the Options HCG System medical weight loss plan must follow a strict diet that consists of no more than 500 calories per day.

Following a low-calorie diet is made possible through the introduction of HCG injections. Without hormone injections to trigger the release of stored fat, the body would enter into starvation mode and store everything taken in as fat. In addition, an individual would:

  • Feel extreme hunger
  • Experience hair loss
  • Suffer mood fluctuations

The hCG hormone injection produces a reaction that causes the release of 1500-2000 calories of fat for consumption as energy each day. This release of fat coupled with the low calorie diet causes a person to lose excess weight, retain lean muscle mass and minimize hunger.

Men and women can participate in the Options HCG System weight loss plan. The fact that this protein-based hormone is produced in a woman’s body does not mean that the medically supervised weight loss plan is limited to female patients; hCG works the same in male bodies. Male patients can often lose more weight than women lose.

The Options HCG System can safely be used by men and women without experiencing ill side effects.

The Options HCG System And Weight Loss — What to Expect
Men can expect to lose 1 lb of fat per day, while women should expect to lose 1/2 lb of fat or more each day.

The weight lost is from stored fat, not lean muscle. 15-20 lb is a substantial amount when it comes to the composition of the human body.

Additional benefits will include:

  • Increased energy
  • Faster and clearer thought processes
  • Restorative sleep
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Improved cholesterol

Once the phases of the medically supervised hCG diet have been completed, the body resets to the new weight. People continue to eat healthy food and practice habits that make a healthy life possible. There is no reason for the body to stockpile fat once the program is complete. Individuals who eat a healthy amount of healthy foods for their weight and height are able to maintain their weight loss.

Weight loss is possible with the Options HCG System and HCG Injections.

You too can overcome the challenges of being overweight with the help of HCG Injections!

The Options HCG System Phases

The Options HCG System Phase I
People understand that Options HCG System does require an extremely low calorie intake of calories each day. There are people who do not understand that this phase begins with two days of caloric and fat overload. These two days will be marked with the consumption of high calorie and high fat foods in conjunction with injections HCG hormone. The HCG hormone prevents new fat cell formation and it helps to mobilize the fat cells that are stored. Phase I of the Options HCG System is essential to success.

The Options HCG System Phase II
Phase II occurs when a patient begins the 500 calorie per day diet. This phase of the diet lasts 23-40 days and it is vital that HCG injections are being administered as instructed by the staff of Options Medical Weight Loss. The hormone forces stored fat into action to minimize the feeling of deprivation. Failure to match the hormone and diet will result in slowed weight loss.

The Options HCG System Phase III
Phase III introduces a modified ketogenic diet to promote ketosis, a biological process that occurs when the body does not have the proper amount of carbohydrates to burn as fuel. Instead, the body burns stored fat and produce ketones, which it can then use for fuel. Ketosis is an important word you will likely see if you are searching for any information on weight loss or diabetes management.

The Options HCG System Phase IV
Phase IV of the hCG medically supervised weight loss plan marks the end of the very low caloric intake and the introduction of glycemic foods, but there are still strict restrictions regarding fat intake. The use of the HCG hormone injections also stops during this phase in the medically supervised diet. The ultimate goal of this phase is to ensure your body can begin to acclimate to regular amounts of food that is healthy for you. Your body will continue to lose weight.

The Options HCG System Phase V
Phase 5 of the hCG diet is all about continuing to add back healthier carbs and starches while maintaining your weight loss. If you have followed each phase and your weight has reached a level of stability, our medical weight loss doctor will help gradually add back some carbs while watching your progress as you adjust to eating carbohydrates again. We also begin to prepare you to manage your diet on your own

The Options HCG System Phase VI
Congratulations on your weight loss success! You have worked diligently to achieve a healthy weight and you want to keep it off, and maintenance will help you do exactly that. The good news is that you now possess all of the tools regarding food and fitness that will help guide you through maintenance.

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