In an ideal world, there would be a magic pill that melts fat away overnight in just the right places. Unfortunately, our reality doesn’t allow for this magic to exist in our world. We have plenty of medical-grade vitamins and supplements, but they don’t make it happen suddenly. Weight loss success is a balance of planning, patience, grace, and discipline. It can be hard to figure out where to start, so we have composed five tips to help lead you to your weight loss success.

Start a meal plan

Healthy consumption of food is important to losing weight. In fact, it is even more important than exercise and medication! In 2019, only 29% of consumers took the time and effort to meal plan every week. Become part of the change and strip your kitchen of your temptations. Throw out your forbidden foods and replace them with your food that works with your diet and restrictions. Take the time to plan your meals ahead and set yourself up for weight loss success well in advance.


The greatest thing you can give yourself is self-care. It is crucial to take time for yourself and your personal health. Meal prepping and exercise is part of your self-care, but so is spending time with loved ones and taking a break from the stressful things in life. This will help you stay focused and, in the game when embarking on your weight loss journey.

Be consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to losing weight. It’s easy to be consistently unhealthy or to think that the candy bar or scoop of ice cream is harmless. However small decisions like this can spiral into bad habits. Instead of sliding back into old habits, it’s crucial to stick to your new standards.


Weight loss is not a linear process. There are a lot of ups, downs, and plateaus. You might follow your plan perfectly to the line, and you just might not see that number on the scale drop every week. You might wonder why the scale isn’t moving the way you want it to, but in time if you stick to it you will see the changes you’re aiming for.

Lifestyle changes

Weight loss as a journey does not end when you reach your goal. Your health and fitness is a complete and total lifestyle change. It’s important to understand this before starting, otherwise, you are likely to gain your weight back after you’ve reached your goal. You’re changing your life, and that also means changing your lifestyle. You can occasionally indulge and have a cheat day, but you must be careful and make sure it doesn’t spiral into a bad habit.

In conclusion, your hard work and dedication will help you become a weight loss success story! Here at Options Medical Weight Loss in South Loop – Chicago, we are here to help you become that success story and achieve all your weight loss and lifestyle goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.