• Should you Avoid Gluten?

    Should you Avoid Gluten?

    Gluten is the protein component of various grains (wheat, barley and rye). It is widely believed that avoiding gluten will result in weight loss or improved overall health. However, the only people that must avoid gluten are those with celiac disease. Celiac disease explained: Celiac disease is an…

  • Carbohydrates and Weight Gain

    Carbohydrates and Weight Gain

    Once carbohydrate-containing foods are digested, individual glucose molecules are released throughout the body. Moderate carbohydrate consumption leads to the immediate use or storage of these glucose molecules. However, if excess carbohydrates are consumed a process called de novo lipogenesis occurs….

  • FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants

    FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants

    Options Medical Weight loss is proud to offer a variety of FDA approved medications for appetite suppression. With 2 out of 3 adults overweight and 1 out of 3 adults obese, the need for weight loss intervention is great. FDA approved medication for weight loss works by suppressing appetite, therefore…

  • Phentermine FAQ

    Phentermine FAQ

    In the pursuit of a medical weight loss program, there are some medications that help a patient with weight loss. One such medication is phentermine, or popularly known under its brand name of Adipex. Phentermine is a strong appetite suppressant that diminishes the hunger signal in the brain and causes…

  • Lipotropic


    Do you need something to help burn fat faster along with your well-balanced diet and exercise? Try our Lipotropic injections here at Options Medical Weight loss. What is Lipotropic? Lipotropic(Lipo) shots are injections of vitamins and amino acids that encourage the body to burn fat. These compounds…

  • The HCG Diet and Me — Glenview, IL Weight Loss Center

    The HCG Diet and Me — Glenview, IL Weight Loss Center

    The HCG diet is a successful supervised weight loss plan offered by our South Loop and Glenview locations. Participation in the HCG diet can allow a patient to lose several pounds in one week, without feeling hungry in the process. However, resources citing the FDA have left people concerned that…

  • Phentermine for Weight Loss — Glenview, IL

    Phentermine for Weight Loss — Glenview, IL

    Since the FDA initially approved phentermine in 1959, the weight loss drug has helped millions of people eliminate excess weight. For this reason phentermine is still widely prescribed by the Glenview and South Loop Options Medical Weight Loss locations. However, if you are unsure whether phentermine…