Amy Avatar

5 star rating I have been pleased with the care, support and attention I have received when I made the decision to work with Options.  Peyton is an absolutely amazing counselor. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and food. The benefit in working with Peyton is that she knows what she is doing. The science behind food. And exercise. And Peyton hAs very realistic and attainable goals with you. I love that she has been so flexible with my weight loss journey and holistic approach !

Amy 12/09/2019
Cait Avatar

5 star rating 100% recommend. Lost ~25lbs in 3 months and has changed my life for the better. Peyton, my counselor, and the rest of the staff have been awesome since day 1. Never had an issue over 3 month program in terms of results, cost, or customer service - so rare!

Cait 12/04/2019
Christina Avatar

5 star rating If I could give this place 10 stars I would. Starting at Options I was at the lowest of low with how I felt about the weight I had gained.

I was skeptical at first to try a options- when I first heard about it I thought to myself here we go again another "quick fix" another Jenny Craig- Atkins diet trend. I watched a friend go thru the process before deciding this was something I had to at least look into. I will never regret this decision!

Since starting I have not only lost close to half the weight I thought impossible- but I gained an obtainable lifestyle and great friends and support system. From the start of my program to now- I feel the motivation daily to not want to let down the staff or myself from accomplishing my goal at a healthier lifestyle. My Clothes that haven't fit in over 3 years fit and i finally feel comfortable in whatever i wear. I can walk without my feet aching and i can walk to my car without feeling out of breath.

The program:

Everyones program I imagine is different since they allow you a consultation to go over options and results. Since starting with option December of 2017 to now- i have lost close to 40 pounds and drop about 4 sizes.- I feel like a brand new person.  I started off on a program that got me in the habit of eating as consistently while not overeating and not filling my appetite with pointless carbs. The phases are designed to help you educated yourself slowly to not be in information overload. This place educates you so well and its easy to digest the food and information. I have tried almost everything they have and I have my list of favorites- but no worries at your consultation they will give you a goodie bag to try different foods out.  With how the program is set up the only way you can possibly fail at a healthier lifestyle is if you try to fail.

The Staff:

One of the major things I look at and judge when I walk into any place of business is the front desk. Being in front desk practically my whole life- I am a bit of a snob when it comes to customer service by the front desk staff. Betsy is everything and more. They could not have found a better personality or smile to greet us not so happy overweight/unhealthy people. She is always so happy and bubbly. She knows my orders like the back of her hand and always has them ready for me when I come in. You never have to worry about not seeing her pretty sure she never leaves!  

I met with Christina for my initial consult- feeling embarrassed she put me at ease almost immediately. She asked my goals and didn't focus on the number of pounds I wanted to lose but focused on stressing the idea that I have to want this lifestyle change. It can be a bit intimidating being a bigger girl walking into a office of fit/skinny put together women- but they don't let you feel that way! they are so encouraging and make you feel just as great as they do. Christina worked out a payment plan that was obtainable for me to do this program stress free of not being able to afford it.

Then I met about a support system! I don't feel like just another appointment in her calendar- she welcomes all my questions no matter how stupid they can be- she encourages me to keep going no matter what. She lights up and gets more excited than me at times at my transformation. She definitely holds me accountable and helps me come up with ways to stay on track. She has work around for anytime i feel like I'm reaching a plateau. When tempted to cheat on a meal i swear her voice plays in my head " how did we do this week Christina" the last thing i ever want to reply is that i cheated!  Without her encouragement I don't think I would of have lasted as long as I have, by now i would of settled, she doesn't let you settle she wants you feel great accomplish your goal. She is so great at what she does I highly recommend her as a coach! I cant say enough great things about her! ( all the coaches are great! - I have met with a few and some of my referrals see other coaches like morgan who I hear is great as well.)

Scott is another consultation person they have here...if you meet him your welcome! He is hilarious and is a blunt person tells you how it is but always tell you how obtainable it is if you truly want it! Even though i never directly worked with him on my program- he always makes it a point to say hello and check in on my progress- his encouragement and cheerfulness in the office helps make this great team complete!

Besides everyone here being great - the food and programs are so manageable. I Recommend this place to anyone looking to change their life. It changed mine.

Christina 4/10/2018
Lindy Avatar

5 star rating I have struggled with my weight for years and this spring I finally reached my breaking point. I realized if I wanted to make such a change in my lifestyle that I wouldn't be able to do it alone. Coming in for the consultation, I was nervous and unsure. Once I sat with Will and he explained the programs, I knew this would be the right path for me. Will made me feel at ease and that my goals were attainable. My counselor, Hondy, is so awesome! I can email, call or text her with questions and she always gets back to me right away with helpful answers and pointers. The most important part of this process for me is being accountable. I feel my success is due to the weekly meetings I have with Hondy and knowing that there is someone who not only holds me accountable, but also cares and is on my side. I have learned SO much about cooking, eating habits, exercise, etc. and I wouldn't have picked up these new healthy skills without this program. I have been coming to Options for just under 3 months and have lost 32 pounds. I still have a ways to go, but I feel healthier, my clothes fit better and I finally believe in myself. Thank you to everyone on staff at Options Medical Weightloss for creating an environment that is positive, welcoming and that encourages success!

Lindy 7/08/2015
Margie Avatar

5 star rating Very friendly staff. Can't wait to start my new journey. They gave me different options. Did not feel any pressure. Can't wait to see results.

Margie 2/09/2019
Patrick Avatar

5 star rating A great team, a great product, and a great support system!  This review is from the spouse's perspective, not the client's.  

We started with Options in August '17, at the end of our ropes.  We had tried so many other companies and had experienced so much dis-appointment.  

First, I like Options' flexible system, i.e. use their food or prep your own meals under their guidance.  We chose the latter, as my wife and I like to cook.  We learned to measure, substitute, and plan. We learned the difference of lean body mass and body fat, the body's composition, which water is good and bad. The tools at their disposal are incredibly helpful and eye-opening.  

Second, the counselors explain the system.  They describe the physical changes your body will undergo, why you might be hungry here, why you gained water weight there.  They celebrate your successes and help you bounce back after a bad week. They keep you honest, arm you with knowledge and help your body help itself.    

It's not easy.  There are good weeks and bad weeks.  However, the results are unmistakable.  If you want to use their menu, go for it!  We like their snacks and desserts.  While we cook for ourselves, we've developed better eating habits, greater understanding, and new methods.  

Finally, our counselor, Morgan, what can I say except thank you!  Morgan never gives up on us.  When we hit a plateau, she has new tools and ideas.  She explains the process so we know what is physically happening. Both Morgan and Amelia, who checks your body function (BP, Pulse, lungs etc) and assists with appetite suppressants, are incredibly supportive and key to achieving our family's goal. Thank you!

I recommend Options wholeheartedly!



Patrick 3/10/2018
Derrick Avatar

5 star rating I was contemplating getting surgery until my wife said let's try Options Medical.

This place is awesome the staff is awesome. After so many failed attempts with dieting and different weight loss programs. I FINALLY can say that Options Medical and their staff has helped me to lose over 50 pounds in a short amount of time. I was able to do it safely and I'm keeping the weight off. Thank you guys

Derrick 5/04/2015
Derek Avatar

5 star rating After having been fed up with let's be honest BEING FAT I had had enough. I was skeptical at first about joining a weight loss clinic, however I also felt that I needed some medical guidance. I came for an initial appointment and given the program outline and costs. Everything and everyone was pretty straightforward but very informative. They give you the tools and you have to put in the work. Much to my satisfaction the program worked. Even when I took a break and got back on same results. I'm very much appreciative of the staff and program overall. Kellie-Ann was my counselor and she was very helpful and encouraging. I would highly recommend this place for weight and health related guidance.

Derek 9/19/2016
Justin Avatar

5 star rating Some of the most amazing people I know!   They helped keep me on track and focused on my weight loss journey. They also helped me figure out the best plan that worked for me.  When Amelia let me know that phentermine wasn't appropriate for me (amazing for some, but I had a contraindication) I got down, but they came with some amazing other Options () that proved to be very successful.  I did one of the Options Diet Systems along with the lipotropic shots. ( Yvette and Latavia are amazing at injections!  I never even felt them!) The added energy I had was amazing!  I'm a big cyclist, and bike about 20 miles a day 3-4 times a week and with the added fat burning booze, I noticed the pounds falling out!   These people gave me back my confidence in myself and made me feel like a brand new person!   Thank you guys!

Justin 3/21/2018
Nicole Avatar

5 star rating This place is amazing! I love the HCG diet plan. I've lost almost 25 pounds in 3 weeks. Everyone is so supportive and friendly! They made it easier than I ever thought possible. If you do the plan exactly you will succeed! This has been the best diet I've ever done. The facility is always so clean and everyone is very accommodating. I highly recommend this place.

Nicole 5/23/2016
Judy Avatar

5 star rating Great place. I have lost 20 pounds so far and I really know what is going on with my body. I recommended it to  several family members and friends. The staff are friendly and informative.

Judy 1/18/2019
maggie Avatar

5 star rating For the last 7 years I have been struggling with weight loss I'll lose it and gain it back. I've waisted so much money on diets and personal trainers and nothing ever works for long term. I have been in options 3 month program since August. I am almost down to my goal weight with only a couple weeks left. This place is amazing. The staff is so friendly and nice. The program is amazing. I get weekly lipotropic injections which they trained me to take home and give to myself for my convenance. I also get an appetite suppressor which i take every morning. The best thing about the program is the weekly counseling sessions. My counselor Sondra is so positive, helpful, and keeps me goal focused. This is the first program I have done that I have actually lost my weight and it's educating me how to eat healthy and keep it off. I'm so thankful I invested my time and money into doing this program, it's the first time in 7 years that I am comfortable with myself and seeing amazing results...

I would recommend to at least go in for a free consultation.

maggie 10/25/2016
Miranda Avatar

5 star rating I must admit, I was a little nervous when I went in for my consultation, but I felt at ease after the first five minutes. Will does an excellent job explaining how the program works and what to expect. My counselor Kaytee was absolutely amazing. I had a few setbacks during the program, but she was always encouraging, positive, and never made me feel horrible.  I was able to lose 30 lbs and I know for a fact I could've lost more. I'll be doing the program again very soon. These guys are awesome!

Miranda 11/02/2015
Alisan Avatar

5 star rating I have tried EVERYTHING jenny Craig weightwatchers keto etc to lose weight and nothing worked. I saw options online and decided to go in and check it out.. I was so embarrassed how out of control my weight had become. I was so nervous to go in and meet with a guy first my first consultation but tony was so nice and made me feel so comfortable and not ashamed. Then I started the program and I've been working with Maddie who is the best person in the world. She really takes the time to get to know you and teach you about losing fat vs muscle and and how our body really works to achieve successful long last weight loss. I've lost  35 pounds of fat so far in the past two months which I can't even believe while writing this out. I feel healthy and strong and love going into my sessions with her. She's incredible like my own little therapist plus she's really helping me stick with it and work hard towards my weight loss goal. Can't say enough good things about the entire staff such a welcoming friendly place. Would recommend to anyone who is feeling lost and helpless about their weight! Love this place and LOVE MADDIE SHES AMAZING.

Alisan 11/16/2019
Lana Avatar

5 star rating This place is amazing! I have been struggling losing weight and my Dr. told me to try Options Medical Weight Loss. I did a free consult first which was very informative. They have a machine that checked my metabolism, body fat, weight, and a bunch of other things. After discussing all the options they have I went with the phentermine,  fat burners, and they even gave me a book to tell me what to eat with weekly diet counseling sessions. Last week I tried the food they offer and I was hooked! My counselor Juliea is great and I have learned a lot and lost 8 lbs in two weeks! This place is professional, informative, and is not expensive. I have tried it all and finally I found a place that is helping me lose my weight! If you are struggling  like I was you should call the consult is free.

Lana 10/16/2014
Kris Avatar

5 star rating As anyone who has ever tried to lose weight only to fail knows, sometimes you need a little outside help, I'm here to tell you that Options Medical Weight Loss is THE place to do it.  Everyone from Will to Kelli Ann, Kaytee, Sondra and Abel are extremely professional and committed to seeing you reach your goal. They work with you even when the going gets tough and always encourage you onward with diet plans and great meal replacements.  Don't wait any longer to reach your weight loss goals - call them today - you won't be sorry!

Kris 5/25/2016
Margaret Avatar

5 star rating "I was surprised to see how informative the consultation was". Will told me why I was struggling and even knew I never ate after my workouts without me telling him They have a machine that is very detailed. Needless to say I started a program and was given a book that explained each day what to cook. I went with the program that used their food in the beginning since it was so easy. I meet with my counselor Kaytee each week and have learned so much. I am taking the phentermine and the lipotropic shots and have lost 15lbs in my first three weeks. I just completed phase `1 and I am now learning to cook lunch and dinner the proper way. I started with just a 6 week package and I am going to extend it now since it works so well. They have phentermine by itself for $89 a month but I would recommend doing a package since it's so informative and keeps you accountable.

Margaret 6/30/2015
Latavia Avatar

5 star rating This place is amazing and the crew is awesome !!! The environment is so welcoming makes you feel right at home... I Came to options with my friend for support and even though I don't need to lose weight the consultant Scott still recommended B12 injections, whom medical assistant Yvette gave to me with ease and front desk receptionist Betsy let me know when buying by a package of 10 or 20 will help me save. I mean from the time we walked in to the time we left a smile never left our face...  if you're serious about losing weight this is the first place to go.

Latavia 3/21/2018
T Avatar

5 star rating Cleanses, extreme diets, fitness bootcamps- you name it, I've tried it and sometimes it worked. Then the weight would creep back on as I fell back into old patterns of over-eating and inadequate exercise. This cycle has gone on for nearly 10 years and to be honest, the weight loss part has gotten more and more difficult. Last summer, I hit a new low- I was literally at my heaviest weight ever and my clothes stopped fitting. It was depressing and I knew I had to do something. One of my friends mentioned that she was trying Options- I was skeptical because I am a health care professional and the idea of a weight loss clinic sounded extreme. I saw her again a few months later and she looked incredible and had lost approximately 50lbs! I called to make an appointment the following week.

12 weeks later, I am almost halfway to my goal weight, and I'm thrilled with my progress! The clinic staff are truly wonderful and supportive, my counselor, Mallory is amazing and knowledgeable. I am no longer skeptical, this clinic is dedicated to HEALTHY weight loss, going through the program has helped me look at food differently. For the first time, my goal weight seems achievable and sustainable, I will post before and afters soon.

T 4/15/2017
Taniesha Avatar

5 star rating Everyone is so nice! It's like going to visit relatives (the ones you like).  Weight is literally falling off and I just started the program!

Taniesha 9/22/2015