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    5 star rating  Options changed my life. My before and after pictures speak for itself. So many people could benefit from how this company has structured helping people meet their weight loss and health goals.

    I was like so many people out there sitting at a desk most of the day and it crept on me. Coming out of college I was 200 pound top notch athlete by my early 30's I was a 232 pound desk jockey. But what really opened my eyes to not just weight loss but how unhealthy I had become was when I applied for Life Insurance and was told that I wasn't in the top tier.

    Luckily I has a great friend who flat out told me I was "fat" and if I lost the desk weight I could get back to my college body and get the best Life Insurance. I followed the protocols at Options and a few months later I was in better shape than I was when I graduated college.

    This place is different. I'm so Grateful. I hope this helps others take a step to a better life.

    Matthew W. Avatar Matthew W.

    5 star rating  Okay here's the big transformation everyone!!

    The picture of me in the dress is from July 4th 2017 and the after picture is me now July 4th 2018.  I'm truly blessed to have made the decision to change my lifestyle and become healthy again. Keto (aka low carb) has completely changed my life and made me feel more confident about my body and the way I look and feel. Thank you to my huge support system for helping me stay motivated. My journey doesn't end here. I will continue to eat healthy and workout to maintain my weight loss goal.  #HealthyLifeStyle #WeightLossJourney #OptionsMedicalWeighLoss #TransformationResults #Blessed

    Lauren A. Avatar Lauren A.

    5 star rating  I am extremely happy I found Options. I have tried every diet under the sun. Nutrisystem, personal trainer, diet pills just to name a few... I feel great and I'm seeing the weight coming off without feeling hungry. The staff is amazing and very friendly.

    Vanhdy S. Avatar Vanhdy S.

    5 star rating  Update a little over a year later ....

    The weight has still stayed off but I want to stress again IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE WEIGHT! I have so many health benefits from following their diet and losing the weight.  As I said previously, I no longer have to take high blood pressure medication.  My blood pressure reads consistently at a normal range.  Since heart disease runs in my family, this was great news to me! When signing up with Options, you normally have a blood panel completed which I did.  A little over a year later, I had another blood panel completed and the results from losing the excess weight and eating cleaner were amazing.  My cholesterol went down significantly.  When I say significantly, my LDL cholesterol went from a 342, which is horrible, to 103 - that is a third of what it was!

    One of my motivators for wanting to lose weight was the fact that I am getting older.  There are some major health risks that run in my family - heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes - just to name a few.  I couldn't envision myself staying on meds forever or worse - having to give myself injections for diabetes.  The fact that I have reduced these risks AND lost weight is what I would call a 'win-win' situation.  Yes, I still have more weight to lose (my own fault for taking a little bit of a hiatus) but the health rewards are phenomenal.  

    Even if you are toying with the idea, thinking 'maybe I want to lose a few pounds', think about the rest of the benefits as well.   The staff at the South Loop location is supportive and amazing.  My counselor, KelliAnn, has really been a huge source of support and motivation.  Amelia, the physician's assistant, is wonderful.  Both have continually supported and coached me on this journey. I definitely couldn't have lost what I have so far without them.  All of the staff makes you feel welcomed and you are not judged - they truly care and are there to help you reach your goals.  Make an appointment now! 🙂

    Michele V. Avatar Michele V.

    5 star rating  Amazing! I love the staff here, I have a personal trainer that helps me a lot but I needed an extra push and boost for the summer and was referred to come here and seeing results fast already!

    Patricia F. Avatar Patricia F.

    5 star rating  If I could give this place 10 stars I would. Starting at Options I was at the lowest of low with how I felt about the weight I had gained.
    I was skeptical at first to try a options- when I first heard about it I thought to myself here we go again another "quick fix" another Jenny Craig- Atkins diet trend. I watched a friend go thru the process before deciding this was something I had to at least look into. I will never regret this decision!

    Since starting I have not only lost close to half the weight I thought impossible- but I gained an obtainable lifestyle and great friends and support system. From the start of my program to now- I feel the motivation daily to not want to let down the staff or myself from accomplishing my goal at a healthier lifestyle. My Clothes that haven't fit in over 3 years fit and i finally feel comfortable in whatever i wear. I can walk without my feet aching and i can walk to my car without feeling out of breath.

    The program:

    Everyones program I imagine is different since they allow you a consultation to go over options and results. Since starting with option December of 2017 to now- i have lost close to 40 pounds and drop about 4 sizes.- I feel like a brand new person.  I started off on a program that got me in the habit of eating as consistently while not overeating and not filling my appetite with pointless carbs. The phases are designed to help you educated yourself slowly to not be in information overload. This place educates you so well and its easy to digest the food and information. I have tried almost everything they have and I have my list of favorites- but no worries at your consultation they will give you a goodie bag to try different foods out.  With how the program is set up the only way you can possibly fail at a healthier lifestyle is if you try to fail.

    The Staff:
    One of the major things I look at and judge when I walk into any place of business is the front desk. Being in front desk practically my whole life- I am a bit of a snob when it comes to customer service by the front desk staff. Betsy is everything and more. They could not have found a better personality or smile to greet us not so happy overweight/unhealthy people. She is always so happy and bubbly. She knows my orders like the back of her hand and always has them ready for me when I come in. You never have to worry about not seeing her pretty sure she never leaves!  

    I met with Christina for my initial consult- feeling embarrassed she put me at ease almost immediately. She asked my goals and didn't focus on the number of pounds I wanted to lose but focused on stressing the idea that I have to want this lifestyle change. It can be a bit intimidating being a bigger girl walking into a office of fit/skinny put together women- but they don't let you feel that way! they are so encouraging and make you feel just as great as they do. Christina worked out a payment plan that was obtainable for me to do this program stress free of not being able to afford it.

    Then I met about a support system! I don't feel like just another appointment in her calendar- she welcomes all my questions no matter how stupid they can be- she encourages me to keep going no matter what. She lights up and gets more excited than me at times at my transformation. She definitely holds me accountable and helps me come up with ways to stay on track. She has work around for anytime i feel like I'm reaching a plateau. When tempted to cheat on a meal i swear her voice plays in my head " how did we do this week Christina" the last thing i ever want to reply is that i cheated!  Without her encouragement I don't think I would of have lasted as long as I have, by now i would of settled, she doesn't let you settle she wants you feel great accomplish your goal. She is so great at what she does I highly recommend her as a coach! I cant say enough great things about her! ( all the coaches are great! - I have met with a few and some of my referrals see other coaches like morgan who I hear is great as well.)

    Scott is another consultation person they have here...if you meet him your welcome! He is hilarious and is a blunt person tells you how it is but always tell you how obtainable it is if you truly want it! Even though i never directly worked with him on my program- he always makes it a point to say hello and check in on my progress- his encouragement and cheerfulness in the office helps make this great team complete!

    Besides everyone here being great - the food and programs are so manageable. I Recommend this place to anyone looking to change their life. It changed mine.

    Christina M. Avatar Christina M.

    5 star rating  My counselor Christina is utterly amazing! She is always positive and motivating me! She pushes me and guided me to the right direction. Betsy is amazing and the sweetest! They both are so positive. I always get excited to see them! I recommend anyone to stop in and get started.

    Fay M. Avatar Fay M.

    5 star rating  Options Medical Weight Loss is AWESOME! Great customer services, fast-paced work and they're very reliable. I recommend Options to anyone who's looking to lose weight.

    Breanna K. Avatar Breanna K.

    5 star rating  Some of the most amazing people I know!   They helped keep me on track and focused on my weight loss journey. They also helped me figure out the best plan that worked for me.  When Amelia let me know that phentermine wasn't appropriate for me (amazing for some, but I had a contraindication) I got down, but they came with some amazing other Options () that proved to be very successful.  I did one of the Options Diet Systems along with the lipotropic shots. ( Yvette and Latavia are amazing at injections!  I never even felt them!) The added energy I had was amazing!  I'm a big cyclist, and bike about 20 miles a day 3-4 times a week and with the added fat burning booze, I noticed the pounds falling out!   These people gave me back my confidence in myself and made me feel like a brand new person!   Thank you guys!

    Justin F. Avatar Justin F.

    5 star rating  This place is amazing and the crew is awesome !!! The environment is so welcoming makes you feel right at home... I Came to options with my friend for support and even though I don't need to lose weight the consultant Scott still recommended B12 injections, whom medical assistant Yvette gave to me with ease and front desk receptionist Betsy let me know when buying by a package of 10 or 20 will help me save. I mean from the time we walked in to the time we left a smile never left our face...  if you're serious about losing weight this is the first place to go.

    Latavia W. Avatar Latavia W.

    5 star rating  I was somewhat skeptical, but a friend told me about this place, and I needed to do something different to lose weight.  They do a fitness assessment with a medical professional and then I met with a weight loss counselor who was very knowledgeable and discussed a comprehensive plan tailored to me. There are many options as far as programs to chose from, and the food they offer is very appealing. Very professional.
    It is working for me. I'm on track to meet my goals!

    Mike P. Avatar Mike P.

    5 star rating  Morgan is the best. She's the only reason I'm skinny. Her dedication to my journey is what has helped me reach my goals.

    Jennie D. Avatar Jennie D.

    5 star rating  A great team, a great product, and a great support system!  This review is from the spouse's perspective, not the client's.  

    We started with Options in August '17, at the end of our ropes.  We had tried so many other companies and had experienced so much dis-appointment.  

    First, I like Options' flexible system, i.e. use their food or prep your own meals under their guidance.  We chose the latter, as my wife and I like to cook.  We learned to measure, substitute, and plan. We learned the difference of lean body mass and body fat, the body's composition, which water is good and bad. The tools at their disposal are incredibly helpful and eye-opening.  

    Second, the counselors explain the system.  They describe the physical changes your body will undergo, why you might be hungry here, why you gained water weight there.  They celebrate your successes and help you bounce back after a bad week. They keep you honest, arm you with knowledge and help your body help itself.    

    It's not easy.  There are good weeks and bad weeks.  However, the results are unmistakable.  If you want to use their menu, go for it!  We like their snacks and desserts.  While we cook for ourselves, we've developed better eating habits, greater understanding, and new methods.  

    Finally, our counselor, Morgan, what can I say except thank you!  Morgan never gives up on us.  When we hit a plateau, she has new tools and ideas.  She explains the process so we know what is physically happening. Both Morgan and Amelia, who checks your body function (BP, Pulse, lungs etc) and assists with appetite suppressants, are incredibly supportive and key to achieving our family's goal. Thank you!

    I recommend Options wholeheartedly!


    Patrick S. Avatar Patrick S.

    5 star rating  best place to go to as far as keeping up with your health and also loosing weight. this place honestly does wonders, i've lost over 40 pounds. i will reccomend everyone i know. love this place alot !

    Faiz S. Avatar Faiz S.

    5 star rating  Shout out to Yvette, medical assistant, for being the best from drawing blood to giving injections.  I've had so many bad experiences (extensive bruising and pain) that I appreciate a job well done!

    Nanette C. Avatar Nanette C.

    5 star rating  I have been doing this a little over 2 weeks and it has worked out really well! I still have a long way to my goal but I am seeing the results as promised.

    The office staff here are very knowledgeable, dedicated not to patient with me. They have a good variety of options that work for my budget, thankfully. They call to check on my progress and address any issue I may have had.

    It's been a tough road trying lose on my own but since I've come here I'm feeling hopeful again and I have the results to prove it.

    Photos to come.

    Rose B. Avatar Rose B.

    5 star rating  After several years of inability to lose 25 pounds, I decided to try Options Medical. I chose their 10 week Fast Options program and achieved my goal weight and then some. I feel fantastic and the best part is that they helped me to maintain my weight afterwards. To me they are second to none.

    Scott M. Avatar Scott M.

    5 star rating  I have been a client on & off for the past 1 year and this is the ONLY place where I have been CONTINUOUSLY supported in achieving my weight loss goals. It has been a struggle throughput my life & I have never been able to sustain my weight loss once achieved. I know Options is there for ME and the PA there is so knowledgeable and supportive to help me continue to achieve my goals! With the help of their Professional team and their top notch PA AMELIA  WHO helps you on your journey with tips and encouragement to individualize your program -they TEACH the ways to be successful in making choices in reaching  your goals!  I KNOW U CAN DO IT WITH OPTIONS AND THEIR AMAZING TEAM!!  It IS  possible to get there- I have!!

    Mary F. Avatar Mary F.

    5 star rating  If you are serious about loosing weight options medical weight loss is where you want to be, they are amazing. William the owner is an incredible person, he cares about his clients and than their counselors especially the ones I had Mallory and Morgan are the best!! I can't recommend highly enough of this place, this place changed my life forever. With their encouragement throughout the journey of weight loss!! I cant think of not going here even if I get to my goal!! I have alomst lost 100 lbs since i have started and people cant even recognize me at this point!! Make that life changing decision yourself and than go to options!!!! Love this place, they will keep you on track regardless of what you go through in life which it used to be my biggest challenge in weight loss!!

    Teni L. Avatar Teni L.

    5 star rating  I have need struggling to lose this last 20 lbs for ever. I went into options and they set me up with their Options 4Life diet. I did the 6 week program and I lost 22 lbs of fat and put on 3 lbs of muscle. I don't know eating after working out was so important. I took their prescription phentermine and it made the whole process east. Highly recommend this place

    Johnny M. Avatar Johnny M.

    5 star rating  I've tried everything from fad diets to weight loss centers and nothing worked. I saw options reviews and had to give them a call. The place has a nice boutique feel. The manger Justin always greets me and is so polite. My counselor is Morgan and she rocks. Each week they review my diet, check my metabolism, body fat, and make sure I am only losing fat (their machine can tell if you lose fat or muscle). I take the medication phentermine and it gets rid of my cravings for sugar and I take the lipo shots to burn fat. In two months I've lost 22 lbs! I have 15 more to go and I will be in the maintenance phase. If you've tried everywhere like I have and need to finally be successful this is the place. Thanks Options!

    Lauren M. Avatar Lauren M.

    5 star rating  I've been sitting here trying to think of the best way I can embody what I feel about Options Medical Weight Loss and the one thing that always comes to mind and is at the forefront of my thought right now is THANK YOU . . . and even then Thank you isn't enough.

    I started my journey in December of 2014, I am 5'6 and was at that time 434 lbs.  

    I have been heavy all my life and had gone through countless plans but never found the one thing that I felt was right for me.  In November of 2014, Options came to the Health Fair at my job, and I stopped briefly to chat.  Admittedly I was skeptical, I flat out told the rep "I have done all the major plans, if you can't teach me something new, teach me how to have a better relationship with food, then I am not interested."  She was not only un-bothered but completely accepting of my challenge and said we would be committed to help you and assured me making an appointment to come in for a consultation didn't mean commitment, just a chance to talk.  

    I went in that following week, still skeptical but ready.  Options had so many options (pun intended) for me, I'd never seen that, I had always been told you do it like this or that but this place had ideas, recipes, staff, accommodating hours, flexibility, most importantly, a plan that fit my lifestyle, aaaaaaaaaand taught me how to have a better relationship with food!!!

    From December 2014 to April 2016 I watched my body transform from 434 to 210 lbs, still 5'6 though dammit lol.  Oh and Yes you read that right I lost 224 lbs.  ((Check out my picture, you can see me right here on the site))  As someone who has struggled with weight all my life I am never going to lie to you and say it was easy, it takes commitment and hard work.  

    Weight loss does not make anyone a better person than the next one but for me and my life, it was something I always struggled with physically and emotionally.  A major part of my transformation was getting my head in the right place.  I had to make up my mind that this is what I was ready for and that I was not going to beat myself up if it didn't always go my way.  I always say, don't fight the War, fight the battles to win the War!!!  I started small and just kept going and Options always stayed by my side cheering me on!  I started to really see my life differently and realize I can have this, it is possible.

    I started with the HCG Diet because I felt I needed a kick start, I wanted to jump in head first.  I lost 44 lbs in 45 days . . . yeah I know, that was a big damn deal.  I moved directly into their plan from there.  I loved cooking my own meals and being creative in the kitchen.  I have a pretty famous pizza recipe I created from what I learned. What I learned is to see my body and food as a partnership with my mind and heart, if they are all partnered for the same goal I can do so many things . . . Options helped me see that, no one ever did that for me, no one ever made me feel food could help me lose weight.  THAT WAS BIG!!!  I had cheerleaders in life and Options jumped right in with them and gave me new tools so that when I was in the zone, the weight just kept coming off.

    Anyway I've rattled on enough, especially for someone trying to find the words so let me end by not only saying THANK YOU to Options but hopefully Encouraging you to come to one of their locations, meet with a counselor, discuss your . . . ahem . . . options lol, hell ask for me!  I don't work there but I am so excited if my story helps someone else that it would be an honor to help encourage you!!!

    Marques A. Avatar Marques A.

    5 star rating  I did the Options program after struggling with my weight for years... went in two years ago and the process was amazingly simple. My counselor KelliAnn helped stay me on track with my diet and the weekly visits. The nurse Amelia isnsuoer gentle, she managed my medications. In just 4 months I lost 46lbs and two years later it is still off. Not like dieting alone. I owe Options big time for changing my life! Thanks!!

    Eric B. Avatar Eric B.

    5 star rating  Deciding to call Options Medical Weight Loss at the beginning of the year has by far been the best decision I have made in 2017.  Just like many others, I had once again decided to make 'losing weight' one of my new year's resolutions.  And, like many others I presume, this would be the fifteenth year in a row I had made that resolution only to not reach it.  I had tried many, many diets over the years.  Some, I was discouraged because I didn't feel the weight was coming of fast enough and others the weight came off fast but I would gain it back and then some shortly after deviating from the diet.  I was tired of this, tired of trying to lose weight unsuccessfully on my own and tired of just feeling 'fat'.  I am also getting older and carrying around the extra weight was putting me at risk for serious hereditary health ramifications that I didn't want to experience, mainly diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

    So, I picked up the phone in early January of 2017 and called Options Medical Weight Loss.  I scheduled a consultation appointment and reviewed several different diet options and packages and picked the one that best suited my needs.  Now, 40 pounds lighter after only sixteen weeks, I am so happy I picked up the phone!  Not only am I lighter, but I have lost a total of 25% of my body fat.  I haven't weighed this less in over thirteen years.  Of course, losing the weight is only part of the picture.   My blood pressure is under control as well.  I no longer huff and puff climbing the stairs.  I have more energy and more stamina to participate in the physical activities that I enjoy. (I want to add that my weight loss has been a bit slower - approximately 2 pounds per week, but this is actually a healthy weight loss rate.  Also, as I said previously, when I have deviated slightly, birthday, anniversary, etc, I haven't gained 5 to 10 pounds back right away like I did with other fad diets.  I gained 1 to 2 pounds back - that's livable!)

    I could list on two hands all of the different diets I have tried in the past.  I called Options Medical Weight Loss mainly due to the positive reviews I had read about the facility.  I am pleased to say that I have experienced the results that were raved about in the reviews.  The staff is incredible! From the moment you are greeted at the door you feel comfortable and at home.  You are never judged on your weight nor the amount of weight you have to lose.  The medical staff is excellent and they keep a good tab on making sure all aspects of your body are staying healthy, not just the weight loss.  Lastly, my counselor KelliAnn is phenomenal!  She has 110% supported me during this weight loss journey so far.  My weight loss each week has been at a realistic amount and I have only gained back, and only a pound or two at most, when I have deviated from the diet during an evening out.   I have been so successful with this diet thus far that I have decided to continue my weight loss journey with Options Medical Weight Loss and extend the amount of weeks I want to continue working with them.  I feel great but I want to lose more and Options Medical Weight Loss facility along with their fantastic staff absolutely the place where I know I can do it!  So, if this 51 year old can do it, so can you!

    Michele V. Avatar Michele V.

    5 star rating  After gaining back 45 of the 50 lbs I lost 2 years ago, I found myself feeling defeated. I needed a boost to get me back in the weight loss game. I found Options! With the help of the team and Sondra my counselor, I have lost 16 lbs in 21 days! The program works, if you work the program! I'm excited to see what the next 7 weeks will bring!

    Kim H. Avatar Kim H.

    5 star rating  After foot surgery and sitting around for months I found that I had picked up a teenie weenie amount of extra weight (if you can call about 70 lbs. teenie weenie).  I found Options online and I'm so happy that I did.  I've been working with Kelli Ann since September 2016, it is now April 2017 and at 214 lbs. I have lost 65 pounds and keeping it going.   The eating plan works great for me, no starving myself.   Everyone at Options is awesome and easy to work with.   It's been a great experience.

    Vincent F. Avatar Vincent F.

    5 star rating  In January 2017, I finally decided to do something about my obesity problem. I knew that eventually, my health would decline unless I changed my eating habits ASAP. Since I needed to lose a lot of weight (about 90 pounds), I chose the 40-day HCG program to jumpstart my weight-loss journey. It wasn't easy. However, I don't recall EVER feeling hungry, even though my calorie intake was super low. I lost about 40 pounds and feel so much better.

    After the 40 day protocol, I met with Options fantastic counselor, Sondra to help guide me during the next phase. She is very knowledgeable and most importantly, genuinely cares about her clients. She has provided me with excellent guidance to help me continue on my journey toward overall fitness and wellness. She is a tremendous asset to Options and I highly recommend her. She is awesome!

    If you want to lose weight and feel better, consider using Options Weight Loss to help you. You'll be glad you did!

    Scott B. Avatar Scott B.

    5 star rating  I went on my first diet when I was 12 years old. Since then I have tried every program/food plan/gimmick put out. That's 30 years of yo yo dieting.  They all worked, somewhat, and for a time.  But inevitably, I never reached my actual goal, stopped the program, and the weight came back, with more pounds attached. I never hit my end goal.  Options is the program I have been looking for and has been integral to my success.  I have lost a steady (and large) amount of weight for 12 weeks and continue to lose.  The difference between those other programs and Options is the personal and holistic approach they take to weight loss. Options doesn't employ a one size fits all program for its members.  From the first consultation, you meet with a counselor who talks to you about your goals and decides how best Options can help you. And by goals, it's not just simply weight loss, it's how you think you can best succeed.  From there you get a personal counselor/nutritionist that you meet with weekly to monitor your progress and keep you accountable.  It's like meeting with an old friend each week who supports you and is there to give you solid advice to help you to continue to become the healthiest version of yourself. My counselor is Mallory and she is great!! I am so happy that I made the decision to join Options and commit to a healthier me!

    Jen G. Avatar Jen G.

    5 star rating  Cleanses, extreme diets, fitness bootcamps- you name it, I've tried it and sometimes it worked. Then the weight would creep back on as I fell back into old patterns of over-eating and inadequate exercise. This cycle has gone on for nearly 10 years and to be honest, the weight loss part has gotten more and more difficult. Last summer, I hit a new low- I was literally at my heaviest weight ever and my clothes stopped fitting. It was depressing and I knew I had to do something. One of my friends mentioned that she was trying Options- I was skeptical because I am a health care professional and the idea of a weight loss clinic sounded extreme. I saw her again a few months later and she looked incredible and had lost approximately 50lbs! I called to make an appointment the following week.

    12 weeks later, I am almost halfway to my goal weight, and I'm thrilled with my progress! The clinic staff are truly wonderful and supportive, my counselor, Mallory is amazing and knowledgeable. I am no longer skeptical, this clinic is dedicated to HEALTHY weight loss, going through the program has helped me look at food differently. For the first time, my goal weight seems achievable and sustainable, I will post before and afters soon.

    T Q. Avatar T Q.

    5 star rating  I started my weight loss journey with Options on Jan. 3rd and it has been the best experience since signing up. I initially chose to do the 23 day HCG program and as day 23 neared, I decided to extend the HCG phase to 40-days. The staff (Abel & Morgan) were so amazingly flexible with enabling me to do this. I am in the next phase of the program and am down about 30lbs! It really was the best kick-in-the-ass to jump-start my lifestyle change. KelliAnn is my counselor and she is so patient with my crazy last-minute scheduling requests. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone wanting to get on a healthy life-style path; they really set you up for success.

    Jordan F. Avatar Jordan F.

    5 star rating  I'm in love with this place and the staff here! Will is absolutely amazing! He's very encouraging and informative. Amelia is so caring and super excited with your progress. She's like your cheerleader as you take off on your journey. This is my second week and I've lost 16+ pounds!!!!! I get to meet my counselor today and I'm beyond excited!!!!! The Lipotropic injections give you so much energy throughout the day. This place is definitely the real deal.

    January 9th
    Ok so as I stated before, I love this place! My weight loss counselor Mallory is the BEST!!! From the day we met she has remained consistent. She's very encouraging and is a great listener. She checks in on me and sends emails to make sure I stay on track. Since coming here she has become my friend, coach and motivator. I'm so glad I found this place. Truly a life changing experience if your ready.

    Dawn P. Avatar Dawn P.

    5 star rating  I have been going to Options Medical Weight Loss Center since August 2016.  I have lost 22 lbs of body fat as well 25 lbs of weight.  I am grateful to Mallory - my counselor for her knowledge, patience, and helping with my journey towards finding the new me.  I have learned so much about how different food groups effect my body.  The importance of body water balance, BMI, and Lean Body Mass.  

    All of the terms mentioned above were foreign to me.  I knew that I was overweight and my BMI was too high.  I was determined to do something different.  I am so.... happy that I found Options.  I look forward to going every week to continue learning about my body and how different food groups effect me.

    The Options Weight Loss Clinic is a professional atmosphere that focuses on helping you become a better you.  If you are looking to make a change, learn about nutrition, and start your weight loss journey this is the place for you.

    Lovetta S. Avatar Lovetta S.

    5 star rating  My counselor, Sondra Tunon is awesome. She's so encouraging especially when I have setbacks and always has good advice for when I travel for business, which is a lot. I actually look forward to my appointments. AND I like the new protein bars very much.

    Nancy H. Avatar Nancy H.

    5 star rating  Hi everyone. When I say options is the best and will not fail you. I've been impressed since the first day I started which was the last Tues in September 2016. I  started at 202lbs and now I'm 178lbs today feeling great and looking good. Thank you God first. The awesome staff: Will, Able, Morgan , Shondra, and Kellianne. Thank you all so much, you guys are great. You saved me.

    Shalant W. Avatar Shalant W.

    5 star rating  I have tried every conceivable diet out there and at times had some weight loss but I  never had as much success as I am having with Options.  It's been easy & everyone there is so very nice & helpful which makes it even easier !! I meet with
    my counselor Mallory every week & she is amazing !!! She's so motivating & supportive & definitely contributes to my success with the program . I started there right before the holidays & thought I would be sabotaged with all the feasts around Thanksgiving & Christmas but I was able to navigate my way through & still enjoy myself & not feel deprived ! I couldn't be happier & I feel so good. I'm especially happy that my medical stats have improved greatly ! This is definitely a program that changes your life !

    Phyllis G. Avatar Phyllis G.

    5 star rating  I have been in this program for over a month now. The people at Options Medical are really nice!!! My counselor is Mallory, she always encourages me along my way of losing weight, never said a thing to discourage me!! She's always helpful and thoughtful, she is like my best friend now, who's watching through my way of losing weight!!! If u want to lose weight, try Optional Medical Weight Loss Center!!!! I strongly recommend it, just go and have a try!! You will receive amazing results~~~

    Na P. Avatar Na P.

    5 star rating  My work BFF and I started here in early November. I'm so glad that she found Options. I've lost a little over 10 lbs in the few weeks that I've been there and I'm excited about the journey.

    The staff are always so pleasant, Abel, Sondra T (my counselor) and Alina are the best! Sondra has given me some great advice. I think that she has picked up on the fact that I don't like to talk a lot so she goes through everything with me, answers my questions and gets me out in enough time to get back to work, LOL.

    I have had a couple of slip ups (not eating on time) and I hate working out, but the plan is still working. It would be even better if I liked working out and I did better with eating every 2-3 hours, I'll get there one day! Sondra reminds me of this constantly but I'm hardheaded lol. However, I never feel like I'm being judged, which means a great deal to me.

    I highly recommend Options. The only thing that kind of sucks is the parking (that Trader Joe's lot is a flipping mess) and the fact that there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS someone pan handling right outside of their front door. But once you get past that, it's great.

    Jackie M. Avatar Jackie M.

    5 star rating  I love Options Medical Weight Loss.  I am determined to eat healthier and exercise.   Sondra is my counselor and she is very personable and caring.  I would definitely recommend this place to any and everyone striving to have a healthier lifestyle and successful weightloss!

    Jackie N.

    Jacqueline N. Avatar Jacqueline N.

    5 star rating  For the last 7 years I have been struggling with weight loss I'll lose it and gain it back. I've waisted so much money on diets and personal trainers and nothing ever works for long term. I have been in options 3 month program since August. I am almost down to my goal weight with only a couple weeks left. This place is amazing. The staff is so friendly and nice. The program is amazing. I get weekly lipotropic injections which they trained me to take home and give to myself for my convenance. I also get an appetite suppressor which i take every morning. The best thing about the program is the weekly counseling sessions. My counselor Sondra is so positive, helpful, and keeps me goal focused. This is the first program I have done that I have actually lost my weight and it's educating me how to eat healthy and keep it off. I'm so thankful I invested my time and money into doing this program, it's the first time in 7 years that I am comfortable with myself and seeing amazing results...

    I would recommend to at least go in for a free consultation.

    maggie o. Avatar maggie o.

    5 star rating  Very excited about my progress thus far.  I started during the first week of August, and I have already achieved half of my goal.  The program is easier than I thought, and the food is great.  My counselor, Kelli Ann, is so encouraging and helpful.  She celebrates every milestone with me.  Even when I had a bad week, she was right there pointing out the good achievements so we focus on them.  I have not only lost weight, I have improved on being disciplined.  The structure was just what I needed to see great results.   I have tried other programs, but none seem to care about you like Options.  I recommend anyone who wants to feel good about themselves and feel confident about their ability should check out Options.

    Del G. Avatar Del G.

    5 star rating  After having been fed up with let's be honest BEING FAT I had had enough. I was skeptical at first about joining a weight loss clinic, however I also felt that I needed some medical guidance. I came for an initial appointment and given the program outline and costs. Everything and everyone was pretty straightforward but very informative. They give you the tools and you have to put in the work. Much to my satisfaction the program worked. Even when I took a break and got back on same results. I'm very much appreciative of the staff and program overall. Kellie-Ann was my counselor and she was very helpful and encouraging. I would highly recommend this place for weight and health related guidance.

    Derek G. Avatar Derek G.

    5 star rating  As anyone who has ever tried to lose weight only to fail knows, sometimes you need a little outside help, I'm here to tell you that Options Medical Weight Loss is THE place to do it.  Everyone from Will to Kelli Ann, Kaytee, Sondra and Abel are extremely professional and committed to seeing you reach your goal. They work with you even when the going gets tough and always encourage you onward with diet plans and great meal replacements.  Don't wait any longer to reach your weight loss goals - call them today - you won't be sorry!

    Kris D. Avatar Kris D.

    5 star rating  This place is amazing! I love the HCG diet plan. I've lost almost 25 pounds in 3 weeks. Everyone is so supportive and friendly! They made it easier than I ever thought possible. If you do the plan exactly you will succeed! This has been the best diet I've ever done. The facility is always so clean and everyone is very accommodating. I highly recommend this place.

    Nicole C. Avatar Nicole C.

    5 star rating  I was your typical dieter who always fluctuated up and down with her weight, never knowing the right things to do, but just kind of went with the flow of trying to eat right and exercise based off of what I read online! Coming here was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Not only did I learn how and what to eat, but my program was designed specifically for my goals and lifestyle. I was able to not only lose 25lbs in 6 weeks, but I am not confident in knowing what to do to keep it off! Everyone is so warm and welcoming here, I practically feel like family walking through the doors. This was the best decision I've made for myself in a long time, and I highly recommend anyone struggling with their weight to check them out!

    Kaytee S. Avatar Kaytee S.

    5 star rating  When I started Options Medical Weight Loss Program in November of 2015; Kelli Ann was assigned to me as my counselor.  With Kelli Ann's expertise and my dedication, I weighed in at 251 today I am 208.  I visit Kelli Ann once or sometimes twice per month since last year November.  Each time I visited my counselor Kelli Ann and she weighed me in I  lost weight.  My body fat is down, BMI down, Metabolic rate up.  I am so proud of myself because I met my goal.  I tried other weight loss methods and other programs nothing worked.  Options Medical Weight Loss is the place to go.  The only way any one will have a problem on this program if you do not follow the program the counselors have for you to follow.  I have not plateau since I started the program because I did not cheat on the program, I followed the program exactly the way my counselor Kelli Ann explained it.  I love this program and appreciate all the success, support, hugs, and attention they give to you while you are in their program.    I appreciate each worker that is involved with this program to make it a success.  Again Thanks.  Deborah G

    Deborah W. Avatar Deborah W.

    5 star rating  I've been going here for 2 weeks. Great results! Great coaching and great program. I am finally making progress towards my goal weight. I tried several diets on my own. This one finally works.

    Jackie F. Avatar Jackie F.

    5 star rating  This place is professional and easy to work with on my weight loss journey.  I personally wanted to lose at a slow and steady pace, since November I have lost 40 lbs.  Now the staff is helping me lose an addition 30ish pound.  I get compliments from friends and coworkers all the time.  The next issue is buying a whole new wardrobe.  Thank you Sondra, Will and the whole team at Options!!!

    Sue D. Avatar Sue D.

    5 star rating  I've been trying to loose weight for a long time, I have tried all kind of diets and always loosing a few pounds and gaining them all back.
    I found options medical weight loss on Yelp and I'm so glad I did, Sondra my weight counselor it's the best, she has help me and supported me through this process, I've loss already 27 pounds more than I've ever loss in my life, feel great and healthy, couldn't have done it without them !

    Gloria F. Avatar Gloria F.

    5 star rating  I have been going to Options for 3 weeks and I'm already down 12 pounds!  Which is a little slower than normal but I'm still happy with my results so far. My counselor Sondra is the best! She is such a good person and genuinely cares about my success. She is always there when I have questions, concerns, or when I just want to talk! Dieting and changing your life style is not easy and Sondra is very supportive, knowledgeable, and kind. I never feel judged when I go in every week which was something I was concerned about. I have a ways to go before I reach my goal, but I am looking forward to getting where I need to be!


    Anna D. Avatar Anna D.

    5 star rating  I can't say enough about this place! I had gotten desperate - everything I was trying was not working. I am now 8 weeks in and have lost almost 40lbs and gone from a size 22 to a 14! My favorite part is that I actually, for the first time ever, am learning the science behind how to eat and it makes so much sense! My awesome counselor, Kelli Ann, helps me make adjustments each week if necessary to ensure that the program is working specifically for me. She tracks not only pounds lost - but metabolism, body fat and tons more! So even if the scale isn't showing what I wanted for that week, the overall results are always moving in the right direction. I just keep remembering this is a marathon - not a sprint! But 40lbs in 8 weeks feels pretty fast to me! I feel so amazing and have a whole new outlook on food. And the food they sell there is so good too! It is definitely a great tool in the beginning to get you adjusted to new eating habits. And now I just get their protein bars for my daily snacks and think I will forever! They are SO good!

    I can't forget to mention that everyone else in the office is amazing as well! Kaytee signed me up originally and was so knowledgeable in explaining everything and answering all of my questions. It's so nice to see Able smiling when you walk in each time too! The pride and commitment that the owner Will shows for his business is evident. The whole team keeps me motivated and is just as excited about my progress each week as I am!

    Chicago S. Avatar Chicago S.

    5 star rating  Kelli Ann is absolutely amazing!!!! If you have been trying to lose weight for a long period of time or just a few pounds it is worth the money...please invest in yourself you will not regret it!!! Thanks to Able, Kelli Ann, Katie and the entire staff!!!!! I 100% recommend...I have not seen a size under 2X or 16 in 10 years now I can wear a size Medium and a size 12!!!!!!

    Jess G. Avatar Jess G.

    5 star rating  I had been overweight for a couple of years and couldn't lose the weight no matter what I tried. So I decided to check out a couple of weight loss clinics and see what my options were. Options Medical weight loss truly does have an option for everyone. I did the 14 week plan with appetite suppressent. I lost 45 pounds in this 14 week period !!! Sondra was my counselor and she helped me so much and is truly amazing ! Their staff is always friendly and they have late hours. I definitely recommend them to help you reach your goal.

    Melissa A. Avatar Melissa A.

    5 star rating  I was skeptical about the HCG diet, but I was also desperate.  I had managed to gain a HUGE amount of weight on a 1400 calorie diet.  I tried everything: low fat, low carb, fasting, vegetarian, meat based, everything. Will power was not a problem - I managed to gain weight while fasting two days a week, drinking two (200 calorie each) protein shakes a day as meal replacements, and eating one 500 calorie meal per day.  I have completed two rounds of HCG Options.  I lost 60 POUNDS (60!!!) over the two 45 day rounds.  The 30 I lost in the first round has stayed lost since September.  This week, I am finishing the stabilization period for the second round.  I haven't been this weight (or been able to wear these clothes from my closet) since October of 2012, and, when I did get down to this level, I could not hold on to it for more than two days.   I plan to do one more round of HCG this summer, and I will be at a target weight that I have not achieved in 30 years.  I don't even know what I will look like.  Kaytee was my coach for my first HCG round. She really did a great job putting me at ease with the process and being supportive.  Sondra was my coach for the second round.  She had a harder job, in that my second round had more issues than my first.  She really helped navigate me through new problems like some leg pain (potassium!) and the first time I have ever needed a hunger suppressant.  I really appreciated her support and guidance.  I had never been to a weight loss place before.  If I had known how great Kaytee, Sondra, and Options was, I really would have gone sooner.  I could not possibly recommend them more highly.

    Liza F. Avatar Liza F.

    5 star rating  I joined options around 2n half months back. I have had a very good experience here , I am doing their hcg diet, and have lost 25 pounds so far!!  The reason this weight loss is phenomenal for someone like me, because I suffer from PCOS like many women and weight loss doesn't come easy due to this.The diet is easy to follow and has lot of foods to choose from, the foods available with them are your best bet though, and not too expensive. My counselor Kellie was excellent, she listens to the client very well and gives practical advice and tips, the weekly sessions definitely keep you accountable and you can track your progress through the awesome body scale there! The service is very good and everyone is very friendly. The lipotropic shots available with them are FDA approved which is very important unlike many places and the assistance on taking the shots yourself or at the clinic is also very convenient.
    I will recommend this place to anyone who is looking to loose weight in a safe, healthy and lasting manner. The nutritional counseling from Kellie has helped me to look at food in a whole different way and make better choices for myself even after I leave the program. I have also enrolled my husband in the program who was struggling with some weight loss and he has had great results too .Keep up the good work!!

    Gargi R. Avatar Gargi R.

    5 star rating  I've struggled with losing weight for years. This is a great program.  The staff is very supportive and encouraging.  I have 13 more pounds to go to reach my target weight. I am so very happy to have lost 30 plus pounds so far. I feel good. I have a lot more energy and I'm complimented often on how nice I look. This has been a journey, I'm happy Options gave me the solutions to my weight loss problem.  Shelia

    Shelia T. Avatar Shelia T.

    5 star rating  Options is a perfect place to transition to a healthy lifestyle change.  They have many options available and a wonderful staff that makes you feel awesome about yourself even when you are feeling your lowest.

    Laurie K. Avatar Laurie K.

    5 star rating  I must admit, I was a little nervous when I went in for my consultation, but I felt at ease after the first five minutes. Will does an excellent job explaining how the program works and what to expect. My counselor Kaytee was absolutely amazing. I had a few setbacks during the program, but she was always encouraging, positive, and never made me feel horrible.  I was able to lose 30 lbs and I know for a fact I could've lost more. I'll be doing the program again very soon. These guys are awesome!

    Miranda P. Avatar Miranda P.

    5 star rating  I am very happy on what I learned at Options.  Now I am able to make better food choices. They educated me on how to have a healthy and lean diet.  I created new eating habits thanks to Hondy my counselor she was so patient and kind.  I was able to ask her many questions regarding what food items wee good to eat.  Great place to find many options on Weight loss

    Flaco F. Avatar Flaco F.

    5 star rating  Everyone is so nice! It's like going to visit relatives (the ones you like).  Weight is literally falling off and I just started the program!

    Taniesha J. Avatar Taniesha J.

    5 star rating  Absolutely THE BEST place to lose weight! The people are amazing, Hondy super helpful I could've done it without her! I love them all there, Will and Kaytee are also part of this great team and I feel like they are part of my family now. I've lost 41 lbs so far in just about 54 days and I keep dropping! The support I get is incredible! I would highly recommend anyone that wants to lose weight to check them out! You won't regret your decision, believe me!!!

    Natalie Y. Avatar Natalie Y.

    5 star rating  What a great place. The staff here is nice and very helpful. Hondy helped me make a lifestyle change and helped me achieve my goals. She kept me accountable and thanks to her I can now feel comfortable in my skin. I've always wanted to lose weight but I never really was able to stick to a diet or it never seemed to work. Hondy will work with you and help you throughout the entire process. If you are really serious about losing weight this is the place to go, you won't be disappointed!

    Brandon K. Avatar Brandon K.

    5 star rating  I signed up for the 10 week program and have lost 29 pounds so far!  Hondy has been great and so encouraging through the whole process.  I really like that even after I'm done with the program, I can still go see her to keep myself accountable.  I highly recommend the clinic.

    Holly F. Avatar Holly F.

    5 star rating  At options medical weight loss there are various programs that help struggling individuals reach their weight loss goals. Meeting with the counselors on a weekly basis keeps the clients on track and guide them through their journey. Calling and getting in for a free consultation is the best way to learn about what Options Medical has to offer and see if it's right for you.

    Alejandra C. Avatar Alejandra C.

    5 star rating  I have struggled with my weight for years and this spring I finally reached my breaking point. I realized if I wanted to make such a change in my lifestyle that I wouldn't be able to do it alone. Coming in for the consultation, I was nervous and unsure. Once I sat with Will and he explained the programs, I knew this would be the right path for me. Will made me feel at ease and that my goals were attainable. My counselor, Hondy, is so awesome! I can email, call or text her with questions and she always gets back to me right away with helpful answers and pointers. The most important part of this process for me is being accountable. I feel my success is due to the weekly meetings I have with Hondy and knowing that there is someone who not only holds me accountable, but also cares and is on my side. I have learned SO much about cooking, eating habits, exercise, etc. and I wouldn't have picked up these new healthy skills without this program. I have been coming to Options for just under 3 months and have lost 32 pounds. I still have a ways to go, but I feel healthier, my clothes fit better and I finally believe in myself. Thank you to everyone on staff at Options Medical Weightloss for creating an environment that is positive, welcoming and that encourages success!

    Lindy W. Avatar Lindy W.

    5 star rating  I had a hard time losing weight and did some research and found Options Medical Weight Loss. I lost 40lbs and feel great! The staff is AWESOME and want you to succeed. Kaytee was AWESOME to work with and was there to answer every question and text message. Thank you Options Medical Weight Loss!

    Tonia D. Avatar Tonia D.

    5 star rating  I was looking for a lifestyle change to both lose weight and increase my energy level. Kaytee at Optional Medical was the perfect resource to help with meeting this goal.

    In a couple of months I lost 11bs, 6 inches and lowered my BMI. The combination of nutritional education and accountability made this journey a success. She was easily accessible for answering any questions about meal planning and very supportive during set backs.

    If you are looking to transition to a leaner healthier lifestyle, choose Options Medical.

    K M R. Avatar K M R.

    5 star rating  I lost over 40lbs; 10% body fat and my BMI went down 5.6 points in 14 weeks.  This was an amazing program and I can't say enough nice things about Kaytee, Will and the staff at options.   I've been gaining and losing the same 40 lbs for the last 20 years and this time it's staying off. My body fat and BMI continue to drop as I continue to work out and eat healthy. This is a lifestyle change and I couldn't have done it without the help of Options.  It takes willpower, dedication and consistency on your part, but if you do it, you can see results.

    Jenne M. Avatar Jenne M.

    5 star rating  "I was surprised to see how informative the consultation was". Will told me why I was struggling and even knew I never ate after my workouts without me telling him They have a machine that is very detailed. Needless to say I started a program and was given a book that explained each day what to cook. I went with the program that used their food in the beginning since it was so easy. I meet with my counselor Kaytee each week and have learned so much. I am taking the phentermine and the lipotropic shots and have lost 15lbs in my first three weeks. I just completed phase `1 and I am now learning to cook lunch and dinner the proper way. I started with just a 6 week package and I am going to extend it now since it works so well. They have phentermine by itself for $89 a month but I would recommend doing a package since it's so informative and keeps you accountable.

    Margaret H. Avatar Margaret H.

    5 star rating  The people here really seem to care. And they are not in it for profit. They want to see you succeed. Thank you Options.

    Lindsay T. Avatar Lindsay T.

    5 star rating  I was contemplating getting surgery until my wife said let's try Options Medical.
    This place is awesome the staff is awesome. After so many failed attempts with dieting and different weight loss programs. I FINALLY can say that Options Medical and their staff has helped me to lose over 50 pounds in a short amount of time. I was able to do it safely and I'm keeping the weight off. Thank you guys

    Derrick H. Avatar Derrick H.

    5 star rating  I joined 45 days ago and am down almost 25 lbs, it's easy to follow and immediately impactful. The best part is the loss of body fat percentage. This is not your typical diet, I feel great and have only gotten started. Thank you to Will and Kaytee, you are a great support system.

    Michele B. Avatar Michele B.

    5 star rating  I have lost almost 30 lbs. on this program. I was at an expo for my next run and I bumped into Will.  He told me about some of their products and asked me what my goals were for my future.  I told him how it was starting to hurt to run and I had gained runners weight that I needed to lose to help take pressure off my joints, etc..  Will got me in right away and my weight loss has been steady and progressive. Will & Kaytee give you step by step guidance, even if you misstep they tell you how to get back on track.  Kaytee & Will work with you on how to maintain your weight once you have completed the program too. It's been an amazing ride.  I think I will miss them all when I've completed the program. Thank you Options staff

    Shannon C. Avatar Shannon C.

    5 star rating  Best weight loss program in which I've participated and the best overall people. Kaytee follows up, encourages and actually listens. One of the criteria for me participating was not only the program, but the people and follow up. Weight loss clinics I utilized previous to Options signed me up then didn't care if I returned or not. No phone calls or attempts to inquire about progress, struggles concerns.
    Options Medical is the opposite. People at Options actually interact and discuss any struggles or concerns one may have about the meds, foods, cravings, etc. They set goals (no other program I used do that). Kaytee and the Options people seem to care about our success and are very encouraging.

    They also gave me information the other diet programs did not and found the best program for me that saved me money and was the most effective for my lifestyle and workout schedule.

    Thus far, I lost 15 pounds.

    I give Options Medical Weight Loss, Kaytee and all the people there the highest rating and recommendation.

    Scott B. Avatar Scott B.

    5 star rating  I was super stuck with my weight and nothing was working.  I tried every diet you can name and was unable to kick the pounds I had gained post college sitting at a desk.  It wasn't until I came to visit Options that I finally started to lose weight.  I did their HCG diet and lost 18lbs.  Due to work travel I ended up getting a little off track, so I am sure if you tried and stuck with the diet you could lose even more then 18lbs! However I am still proud of the pounds I lost!  Not only is the staff friendly, but they are really motivating.  This was the push I needed to feel motivated again to get to the gym and get fit.  

    They have multiple diet options to fit your style.  You visit their office weekly to track progress and make sure you are feeling healthy.  I worked with Kaytee and she was super friendly and helpful!  She reply to any stupid e-mail I sent about the diet and worked around my busy schedule.  I would highly advise checking them out.  The consultation is very informative and it allows you to see if their programs are right for you.  I signed up for the program after my consultation with Will.  He was great about explaining everything and once again answering all of my questions. He made me feel comfortable about taking on the challenge and is always very supportive when you see him in the office.

    Don't knockit til you try it because this literally changed the way I look at food,  cook and the daily choices I make.  This will go way beyond the 45 days because I know I will continue to lose weight by realizing what I needed to change about my lifestyle in respect to food.

    Erica P. Avatar Erica P.

    5 star rating  I've been doing the program for 3 weeks now (just completed phase 1).  I was skeptical at first; I have been to other clinics before where they just give you a months supply of medication and have you come back for refills every month.  But here, they actually sit with you, explain the diet plan thoroughly, do a very comprehensive body analysis, and expect you to commit to weekly appointments.  That's really hard to do, but it keeps me on track and accountable, and if I didn't lose as much as I'd like for any particular week, we are able to look at my eating habits and come up with a reason why.  Made some adjustments and right back on track!  It is not cheap, you buy a whole package which includes the medication, weekly appointments with a counselor, lipo injections, and pretty  much unlimited contact with the counselor for questions.  It does not, however, include the food you buy from them (breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the first three weeks, only dinner is your own), but honestly this doesn't cost much more than it does to do the grocery shopping for those meals anyway. It didn't really break my budget.
       I am really, truly confident that I will be able to stick with healthy habits even when I'm done with the package I bought with them (6 weeks).  I'm already halfway to  my goal and my BMI is officially normal today.  Yes there are a lot of places you can get phentermine but this place actually teaches you how to live without it because of course you can't just take it forever.  So when I'm done, I will know how to stay on track.

    Debbie D. Avatar Debbie D.

    5 star rating  I joined options medical weight loss in November and was in total shock after the 3 days I weight myself and actually lost pounds..I'm so excited I have been following my instructions on how to eat and making all my appointments and it really works..I like the fact that they care, follow up on how u feel and ask what are eating..which they will know if you are's so great best decision I made..also I have recommended a couple people and one loves it to..

    Serita D. Avatar Serita D.

    5 star rating  What a great place.  You feel comfortable from your very first visit.  You are well informed and able to choose what suits you and your time table.  I've just finished my first week and am down almost 10lbs, and I'm never hungry!!
    You are given recipes, guidance, and counseling.  I look forward to my weigh ins and B12 shots.  I will update next week!

    Eva M. Avatar Eva M.

    5 star rating  This is the real deal!! If you follow the plan that is given to you, you will lose the weight and be happy with your results. I began taking the 23 day HCG injections followed by 6 weeks of phentermine  on November 14, and I am down 12 pounds at my last check in this past Tuesday 12/2/14! I still can't believe it myself, and I'm constantly checking the scale to make sure it still reads the same. I began this program weighing 185. When I got on the scale this morning, I now weight 171. My overall goal for the program was to get down to 165. Will says that I will most definitely get to 165. When I first began the program, I didn't think it would be possible, or that I would be starving from the few items that you are allowed to eat on the HCG program. But if you follow the protocol as directed, I promise that you won't feel hungry at all.

    Oh yeah, I love the scale that is used to track progress. It monitors everything from how much weight you're losing in specific parts of your body to your hydration levels! Now, if you're someone like me who hates needles, it's no reason to scare away from this program. The injections are SUPER easy to do each morning, and you wont feel anything, seriously. I've gotten so good at them that I do them while standing right before taking my shower each morning. I started out sitting down and taking about 5 minutes to do them, mainly due to fear of feeling the prick. Not once have I had any issues.

    Overall, I would recommend Options to anyone who has a substantial amount of weight to lose and want to do it in a short period of time. My birthday is next month and this will be the first time in over 3 years that I'm expecting I will be able to wear a tightly fitted dress without using control under garments! I'm already down one pants size from a 12 to a 10! Just imagine what will happen when I begin working out starting Sunday 🙂

    Update: I began Phase 3 on Sunday and I have so much energy. It must be the phentermine! 🙂 I also began working out on day one of Phase 3 and I have noticed that working out is much easier than and I feel more confident  and in control.

    I did my measurements as well yesterday. I've lost a total of 10.5 inches all over my body! Wow, I still cannot believe that I am seeing these types of results. Others have began noticing and complimenting me on slimming down as well. I'm extremely happy with my decision to change my life.

    Sharon A. Avatar Sharon A.

    5 star rating  This place is amazing! I have been struggling losing weight and my Dr. told me to try Options Medical Weight Loss. I did a free consult first which was very informative. They have a machine that checked my metabolism, body fat, weight, and a bunch of other things. After discussing all the options they have I went with the phentermine,  fat burners, and they even gave me a book to tell me what to eat with weekly diet counseling sessions. Last week I tried the food they offer and I was hooked! My counselor Juliea is great and I have learned a lot and lost 8 lbs in two weeks! This place is professional, informative, and is not expensive. I have tried it all and finally I found a place that is helping me lose my weight! If you are struggling  like I was you should call the consult is free.

    Lana F. Avatar Lana F.