B12 Injections

B12 (Cobalamin), is one of the eight B vitamins that is needed to ensure the proper functioning and health of nerve tissue, brain function and the production of red blood cells.

(Basically, an energy booster with vitamins.)

Why is B12 needed for the body?
Helps Maintain Energy Levels. Vitamin B12 benefits your metabolism because it’s needed to convert carbohydrates into usable glucose in the body. Glucose from carbohydrate foods is used as a form of energy, so this is the reason why people with vitamin B12 deficiencies often experience fatigue.

(Turns the sugars, starches and fibers into usable glucose for the body)

What are some of the signs & symptoms of B12 deficiency? 

  • Fatigue

  • Weakness & sluggishness

  • Strange sensations

  • Slight memory loss

  • Pale skin

  • Smooth and red tongue

  • Very emotional

  • Damage to the optic nerve

 Where does B12 come from?
Certain foods contain B12. Animal foods which have it naturally or foods made with it. Animal sources are dairy products, eggs, fish, meat, and poultry. Foods that are fortified with B12 you must read the labels. Also, you can get B12 injections which we offer here at Options.  Which are hand-made form of B12 used to treat low levels of this vitamin.

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