Start Weight: 237.9 lbs

Final Weight: 201.5 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 36.4


I have always struggled with my weight and have never been able to stick to a diet program until Options Medical. I felt at ease meeting with Mike during my initial consultation and sign up and Virginia always listened to me and worked with me through all my struggles and had tips to help me and ideas to get me through the hard days. I did have a hard time with the HCG, the food didn’t seem appealing to me and I had a hard time eating all my calories. Due to this I didn’t feel great the first 6 weeks but during that time I lowered my blood pressure and was able to get off my blood pressure medicine. I made it through HCG and am much happier in Phase II. I feel better physically and mentally. I enjoyed the bars and snacks that Options offered, didn’t care too much for the meals. I really didn’t notice a difference when taking the lipo shots as to when I didn’t take them. I do think the fat burner is working well for me and I enjoy the benefits of that. I have stopped taking the appetite suppressants and I notice I struggle a little with wanting to eat but not hunger. I’m working through this now but I have no doubt I will make it. I wouldn’t have before but I have the basics I got from my counseling and Virginia in my head telling me I’m doing great.