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About Us

Options Medical Weight Loss Center is Chicagoland and the Valley’s premier weight loss facility. We believe that the true way to not only reach your weight loss goals, but to keep weight off, is by making the proper lifestyle changes with nutrition. We also understand that an individual’s weight loss journey is not always an easy process, which is why we offer FDA approved appetite suppressants as well as other prescriptions used for weight loss, weekly one-on-one weight loss counseling, Lipotropic fat burners, B12 injections, HCG injections, Options Diet System, Options meals and snacks, Options supplements and more to help assist you during your customized weight loss program. We have over 19 different individually tailored weight loss programs to choose from, aiming to meet your specific lifestyle, habits, and goals. When you visit one of our clinics, you will find that we truly have “OPTIONS for every BODY”.
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Multiple Options to Lose Weight

At Options Medical Weight Loss, we understand not every diet will work for everybody, that is why we offer an extensive weight loss consultation.


FDA approved medications for appetite suppression. With 2 out of 3 adults overweight and 1 out of 3 adults obese, the need for weight loss intervention is great.


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a placental peptide hormone produced and released during pregnancy. Dr. Simeons theorized this hormone regulates the..


Patient Reviews

  • 5 star rating  Shout out to Yvette, medical assistant, for being the best from drawing blood to giving injections.  I've had so many bad experiences (extensive bruising and pain) that I appreciate a job well done!

    Nanette C. Avatar Nanette C.
  • 5 star rating  I have struggled with my weight for years and this spring I finally reached my breaking point. I realized if I wanted to make such a change in my lifestyle that I wouldn't be able to do it alone. Coming in for the consultation, I was nervous and unsure. Once I sat with Will and he explained the programs, I... read more

    Lindy W. Avatar Lindy W.
  • 5 star rating  A great team, a great product, and a great support system!  This review is from the spouse's perspective, not the client's.  

    We started with Options in August '17, at the end of our ropes.  We had tried so many other companies and had experienced so much dis-appointment.  

    First, I like Options' flexible system, i.e. use their food or prep your... read more

    Patrick S. Avatar Patrick S.
  • 5 star rating  At options medical weight loss there are various programs that help struggling individuals reach their weight loss goals. Meeting with the counselors on a weekly basis keeps the clients on track and guide them through their journey. Calling and getting in for a free consultation is the best way to learn about what Options Medical has to offer and see... read more

    Alejandra C. Avatar Alejandra C.
  • 5 star rating  If you are serious about loosing weight options medical weight loss is where you want to be, they are amazing. William the owner is an incredible person, he cares about his clients and than their counselors especially the ones I had Mallory and Morgan are the best!! I can't recommend highly enough of this place, this place changed my life... read more

    Teni L. Avatar Teni L.
  • 5 star rating  I was contemplating getting surgery until my wife said let's try Options Medical.
    This place is awesome the staff is awesome. After so many failed attempts with dieting and different weight loss programs. I FINALLY can say that Options Medical and their staff has helped me to lose over 50 pounds in a short amount of time. I was able... read more

    Derrick H. Avatar Derrick H.
  • 5 star rating  Everyone is so nice! It's like going to visit relatives (the ones you like).  Weight is literally falling off and I just started the program!

    Taniesha J. Avatar Taniesha J.
  • 5 star rating  I have need struggling to lose this last 20 lbs for ever. I went into options and they set me up with their Options 4Life diet. I did the 6 week program and I lost 22 lbs of fat and put on 3 lbs of muscle. I don't know eating after working out was so important. I took their prescription... read more

    Johnny M. Avatar Johnny M.
  • 5 star rating  I've been sitting here trying to think of the best way I can embody what I feel about Options Medical Weight Loss and the one thing that always comes to mind and is at the forefront of my thought right now is THANK YOU . . . and even then Thank you isn't enough.

    I started my journey in December of... read more

    Marques A. Avatar Marques A.
  • 5 star rating  I've been trying to loose weight for a long time, I have tried all kind of diets and always loosing a few pounds and gaining them all back.
    I found options medical weight loss on Yelp and I'm so glad I did, Sondra my weight counselor it's the best, she has help me and supported me through this process, I've... read more

    Gloria F. Avatar Gloria F.