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Welcome to
Options Medical Weight-Loss Center, Chicago

Options Medical Weight-Loss Center, Chicago, IL

  • Lindy W. AvatarLindy W.

    5 star rating I have struggled with my weight for years and this spring I finally reached my breaking point. I realized if I wanted to make such a change in my lifestyle that I wouldn't be able to do it alone. Coming in for the consultation, I was nervous and unsure. Once I sat with Will and he explained the programs, I knew this would be the right path for me. Will made me feel at ease and that my goals were attainable. My counselor, Hondy, is so awesome! I can email, call or text her with questions and she always gets back to me right away with helpful answers and pointers. The most important part of this process for me is being accountable. I feel my success is due to the weekly meetings I have with Hondy and knowing that there is someone who not only holds me accountable, but also cares and is on my side. I have learned SO much about cooking, eating habits, exercise, etc. and I wouldn't have picked up these new healthy skills without this program. I have been coming to Options for just under 3 months and have lost 32 pounds. I still have a ways to go, but I feel healthier, my clothes fit better and I finally believe in myself. Thank you to everyone on staff at Options Medical Weightloss for creating an environment that is positive, welcoming and that encourages success! - 7/08/2015 

  • Lisa S. AvatarLisa S.

    5 star rating Peyton is THE BEST nutritionist and support I've ever had! Not only an expert in her field, but a caring and supportive friend. She has been in my corner to help me lose 35 pounds and continues to be amazing! I highly recommend Options for health advice and wight loss! - 12/09/2019 

  • Patricia F. AvatarPatricia F.

    5 star rating Amazing! I love the staff here, I have a personal trainer that helps me a lot but I needed an extra push and boost for the summer and was referred to come here and seeing results fast already! - 4/24/2018 

  • Kris D. AvatarKris D.

    5 star rating As anyone who has ever tried to lose weight only to fail knows, sometimes you need a little outside help, I'm here to tell you that Options Medical Weight Loss is THE place to do it.  Everyone from Will to Kelli Ann, Kaytee, Sondra and Abel are extremely professional and committed to seeing you reach your goal. They work with you even when the going gets tough and always encourage you onward with diet plans and great meal replacements.  Don't wait any longer to reach your weight loss goals - call them today - you won't be sorry! - 5/25/2016 

  • AmandaNicole A. AvatarAmandaNicole A.

    5 star rating I appreciate this clinic and the staff! Thus far every encounter has been fun, knowledgeable and inspiring. They are fast and efficient and I look forward to each appointment to review my success. - 2/23/2019 

  • Margaret H. AvatarMargaret H.

    5 star rating "I was surprised to see how informative the consultation was". Will told me why I was struggling and even knew I never ate after my workouts without me telling him They have a machine that is very detailed. Needless to say I started a program and was given a book that explained each day what to cook. I went with the program that used their food in the beginning since it was so easy. I meet with my counselor Kaytee each week and have learned so much. I am taking the phentermine and the lipotropic shots and have lost 15lbs in my first three weeks. I just completed phase `1 and I am now learning to cook lunch and dinner the proper way. I started with just a 6 week package and I am going to extend it now since it works so well. They have phentermine by itself for $89 a month but I would recommend doing a package since it's so informative and keeps you accountable. - 6/30/2015 

Welcome to Options Medical Weight Loss™

Rated the #1 weight loss center in 2018 via Youth Health Magazine.

Options Medical Weight Loss™ is a physician supervised weight loss center overseen by Dr. Katrina Mattingly board certified obesity medicine specialist and National Medical Director. At Options we believe in achieving your weight loss goals through lifestyle changes and proper nutrition. We recognize that your weight loss goal is not easy. That is why we offer FDA- approved appetite suppressants and other medications to help along the way. Our weight loss counselors will help you on this journey through education, accountability, and technology that ensures that you are losing fat and not lean tissue. We also offer medical grade HCG, B12, and Fat Burning injections. We offer 19 different programs, including our modified ketogenic diet, metabolic syndrome diagnosis, and both prescription and non-prescription programs to aid you in your goal. You can come in monthly, weekly, or twice a week depending on your program. Give us a call and schedule your complimentary consultation. You are one step closer to living you best life.”

Steps to find out what program is best for you:
We want to make your experience as simple as possible. That is why we have a few simple steps to help you choose which program is best for your weight loss goals.

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OPTIONS for every BODY™!

At Options Medical Weight Loss™, we understand not every diet will work for everybody, that is why we offer an extensive weight loss consultation. During your complimentary consultation, one of our medical professionals will do a thorough body composition screening courtesy of InBody technology.


Options Medical Weight Loss™ is now available in Glenview, Naperville, Orland Park, Chicago, Illinois, and Chandler/Gilbert, Arizona areas and is the premier weight loss facility.


It’s more than losing the weight, it’s a lifestyle makeover that everyone will see. Whether it’s getting ready for summer, or getting ready for the rest of your life… Options Medical Weight Loss™ can help!


Options Medical Weight Loss™ Center is staffed with highly trained professionals that know weight loss, and care about your goals. We make your visit easy and successful!