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Options Diet System™
Prescription Program

Options Medical Weight loss is proud to offer a variety of FDA approved medications for appetite suppression. With 2 out of 3 adults overweight and 1 out of 3 adults obese, the need for weight loss intervention is great. FDA approved medication for weight loss works by suppressing appetite…

Options Diet System™
Non-Prescription Program

This Options trademarked ketogenic diet program is designed for the individual that chooses not to have their program aided with the help of our weight loss medications. Programs go in intervals of six and ten weeks and is guided weekly by our weight loss counselors whom help coach, educate…
Options HCG System™
Fast Options Program

A ten to fourteen week program that is designed to lose up to 80 pounds fast! We use a combinations of prescription medications, the hormone HCG, the Dr. Simeon’s HCG protocol, lipotropic fat burning injections, and our Options Diet System™. During your fast transformation, we partner you weekly with one of our weight loss counselors to help coach, educate, and motivate you all the way to your goal.

Monthly Options

This program is designed for the patient that wants to try their own self-managed diet, with the help of one of our prescription weight loss medications as well as a monthly B12 injection. Our providers work with you to find the best prescription for you and you will refill monthly at your own pace.

Vitamin C injections
Vitamin C is an essential vitamin in our diet. Vitamin C is found in my foods (citrus fruits, peppers, greens, etc.) however receiving vitamin C through injection gives a greater boost to the immune system because it skips the long process of digestion and therefore can be full absorbed by your body. Vitamins C supports the production of new white blood cells called lymphocytes and phagocytes.

Lipotropic Fat Burning Injections

Do you need something to help burn fat faster along with your well-balanced diet and exercise? Try our Lipotropic fat burning injections at Options Medical Weight loss. Lipotropic (lipo) shots are fat-burning injections of vitamins and amino acids that encourage the body to burn fat. These compounds help accelerate…

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