What is Vitamin B12?

B12 is a crucial vitamin your body needs, but doesn’t naturally produce. Various healthy foods like shellfish, eggs, and dairy contain B12, making it easier to consume those vitamins.

B12 assists your body with it’s numerous crucial functions. It aids in making red blood cells and DNA, as well as makes sure you nerve cells function properly. In addition, it also assists in breaking down carbs and converting fat into energy.

Due to these important functions, B12 has become a very trendy diet aid to promote weight loss. At our Gahanna, OH weight loss clinic, our weight loss doctor administers B12 injections to assist you in achieving you weight loss goals.

Are B12 Injections Near Me For Weight Loss Better Than Vitamins?

B12 injections near me for weight loss have more benefits than taking the vitamins you take orally, or even consuming a diet full of B12. B12 injections go straight into your blood, skipping over your digestive tract. B12 being injected straight into the bloodstream helps it be absorbed quickly into your blood cells.

How Often Should I get B12 Injections Near Me for Weight Loss?

Our Gahanna, OH weight loss doctors acknowledge that weight loss journey is unique. Therefore, during your consultation they will sit with you to discuss your weight loss goals. They may suggest blood tests to find any vitamin deficiencies. After some research and discussion, the proper regime of B12 weight loss injections will be chosen.

Does a B12 Injection Hurt?

Your B12 injection for weight loss will feel like any other shot you get at the doctor’s office. It’s quick, and injected into the muscle or under the skin. It won’t stop you from your daily routine and will pinch like most other shots.

If you would like to get started on your weight loss naturally with the help of B12 injections, contact our Gahanna, OH weight loss center today and schedule an appointment for B12 injections near me.