One of the hardest parts of losing weight is caloric restriction. When we decide to get back into shape, making meals that restrict your caloric intake is one of the first steps that needs to be taken. But how do you do that without starving your body of what it needs? Thankfully, we have some tips and tricks to help you figure out the best and easiest ways to cut your calories.

Meal planning can be an easy way to stay organized and focused on your diet, while also making it easy to set up perfect portions for yourself. Thankfully nowadays, plenty of stores carry meal planning containers that are sized specifically for portion control. It’s generally recommended that you consume around 1,500 calories a day to lose weight, and 2,000 calories a day to maintain current weight.

Another way to cut calories is by adding cinnamon to your dishes, or by taking cinnamon  supplements. It sounds odd, but cinnamon actually boosts the metabolism while stunt your hunger in the process. Simply adding cinnamon to your coffee can greatly improve the digestion of your breakfast.

This may sound a little crazy, but snacking through the day can really help you manage your caloric intake. When you only have three big meals a day, it’s harder on your body and also causes overeating. When you snack between meals it keeps your body going and doesn’t starve you until your next meal. So instead of getting so hungry you overeat at dinner, you can manage your hunger in a healthy way so you eat the exact portions your body needs.

Choosing foods that are bulkier with less calories can also help you stunt that hunger while keeping your calories low. For example, 1 ounce of potato chips comes out to around 150 calories. While 1 ounce of broccoli is only 10 calories.

Using these tips and a well rounded exercise routine, you can see the pounds fall off in no time.