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The medical weight loss doctor found at your local Gahanna, OH weight loss center is dedicated to manning the frontline of medically supervised weight loss solutions. There has been considerable buzz around our Gahanna, OH hcG Diet Plan, a well-documented Gahanna, OH medical weight loss option the will not quit dominating weight loss internet searches. This medically supervised weight loss program is named for the a hormone produced in the body during a pregnancy. But how does the hcG hormone help initiate significant supervised medical weight loss?
Here is how the Gahanna, OH hcG diet can prove to be the best medically supervised Gahanna, OH weight loss plan for you:
Is the hcG hormone a medical weight loss super hormone? This natural hormone is found in urine of pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy, it helps the body to secrete progesterone. To be precise, hcG is produced by cells formed in the placenta, which supposedly suppress appetite. People that have seen tremendous weight loss results with the hcG diet marvel at the “fat blasting properties” of the hormone.
Furthermore, claims have been made that hcG weight loss injections help “reset your metabolism” when combined with a 500 calorie medically supervised diet. Some medically supervised weight loss patients have reported losing up to one pound a day without cravings and exhaustion.
The Gahanna, OH hcG diet has caloric restrictions for an eight week period while taking the hcG hormone which can be delivered via shots provided by a Gahanna, OH weight loss doctor.
While getting a daily dose of hcG, the medical weight loss diet is broken up into two meals:
  • Lunch
  • Dinner.

While a weight loss patient is receiving a daily dose of hcG, each meal has to include:

  • One protein
  • One vegetable
  • One bread
  • One fruit.
There are various methods of food preparation available for dieters that help the calorie limit under 500, mainly concentrating on having 3.5 oz of lean protein at a meal.
The Gahanna, OH weight loss doctor supervised hcG diet discourages the consumption of sugar and carbohydrate-rich food as part of the meal plan. However, black coffee, tea and sugar-free drinks are allowed as part of promoting a feeling of satiety.
Since, the Gahanna, OH hcG diet has had such effective results, it has been recommended for obese individuals as well as those with the medical necessity to lose weight. As with any medical weight loss plan, it is important to have the right medical supervision for any significant change to your meal and fitness routine.
The weight loss doctor at our Gahanna, OH weight loss clinic is an expert in the hcG diet, from administering the hcG weight loss injections to the details of the meal plan, we have got you covered when it comes to losing weight safely and effectively with the hcG diet.