When stress and hardship take hold, your Glenview, IL weight loss doctor will explain that we can find ourselves turning to food in order to find comfort. Emotional snacking is a very common and normal thing, but can set us back in our Glenview, IL weight loss journey. So how do we resist these cravings brought about by matters out of our control?

Your Glenview, IL weight loss doctor will explain that pushing back from giving in can give you the opportunity to forget about your craving in the first place. It may feel like forever, but studies have shown that a craving only lasts about 25 to 30 minutes. By ignoring these cravings just 5 minutes at a time then you can stop your cravings before they have a chance to grow.

While you are delaying giving into your cravings, your Glenview, IL weight loss clinic suggests that finding a distraction can make the process easier. If you’re just sitting around hoping to forget, you won’t get anywhere. However, if you find an activity to do that brings the same excitement as giving into your craving, you’ll forget about it in no time! Calling a friend, reading a book, watching tv, etc. are all good ways to ignore your cravings.

While you are trying to distract yourself, avoiding areas of your Glenview, IL house where there is food can make things a little easier. By creating distance between you and your food, you can avoid giving into your urges.

If your craving is sticking around after taking the previous steps, then you’ll want to remind yourself why you’re resisting. Asking yourself how this will affect you long term can put this one craving into perspective. Why is weight loss and fitness so important for me? This question can help you stay on track and determined to continue your weight loss journey.

If known of these steps have helped you and you find yourself grabbing your craving, then deciding to limit yourself is the best way to make sure this doesn’t affect your Glenview, IL weight loss journey too much. Cutting your portion in half, choosing to sit down and enjoy every bite, and eating slowly to savor your snack can make the effects of your decision less damaging.

Emotional eating triggers are normal and common, especially in this uncertain time, and there’s no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed by them. But it also doesn’t mean you have to be controlled by them either. You have the power to curb your cravings, you just have to be determined enough to take that power back.