Are you concerned about breaking from your diet during you summer holiday at home? There does not need to be any fear associated with a holiday spent at home, a backyard barbecue and fun times spent with your family. All you have to do is follow these five tips to prevent post-quarantine barbecue regret:

Use small plates. Research proves that people who choose smaller plates and utensils will eat up to 50 percent fewer calories, while still feeling just as full and satisfied as those who eat more. Use a dessert plate, or borrow a smaller plate from the kids’ table.

Eat slowly and mindfully. Eating more slowly will help you to eat fewer calories over the course of a meal. Pace yourself as you mingle with friends and family, allowing talk to take the place of the food you would normally eat.

Eat the healthiest foods first. It makes sense to fill up on the healthier foods before you start on the “fun” things. Start with a salad, because it contains very few calories and helps slow digestion and is very fiber rich and filling. Eat something with oil and protein next; it’ll help you feel full sooner.

Skip the chips, crackers and bread. Simple (refined) carbohydrates are not filling, yet they contain loads of calories and can cause dangerous insulin spikes. These foods aren’t usually the tastiest things at BBQs anyway, so save your calories for the really good stuff.

Think before you drink. Alcohol can fit into a healthy lifestyle, if you make smart choices. One sugary margarita can pack 600-800 calories — about one-third of the calories you should consume in an entire day! Choose lower-calorie options like wine or beer, drink plenty of water and remember to pace yourself.