Do you ever wonder if your body breaks down sugar appropriately? Do you have a history of elevated blood sugar, excess abdominal fat, or risk for metabolic syndrome? Do you have a family history of diabetes or insulin resistance? Well, Metformin may be the medication to help you achieve improved metabolic health and finally lose those stubborn pounds!

So, what is metformin?

Metformin is a prescription medication used to treat diabetes mellitus. However, it can be used for other metabolic conditions and weight loss! The primary effect of taking metformin is to lessen the release of glucose (sugar) from the liver, resulting in lower blood sugar. Additionally, Metformin works to lower blood sugar in two secondary ways: it increases your sensitivity to insulin and decreases the amount of sugar absorbed from the food you eat.

What is insulin?

Insulin is a hormone produce by the pancreas to help maintain and regulate normal blood sugar in the body. It accomplishes this by using the sugar from carbohydrates in food for immediate energy. When sugar is in excess, it stores this glucose for future use. Storing of glucose = storing of body fat!

How will metformin help with weight loss?

If an individual has insulin resistance, the sugar from the carbohydrates consumed are not utilized for cell energy and will store as body fat. Metformin aids with regulation of blood sugar and improvement of insulin utilization. Therefore, metformin will help leave less sugar and insulin around in the body to aid with weight loss.

How Options Medical Weight Loss can help!

Options Medical Weight Loss prescribes this medication to help qualifying candidates lose weight, and most importantly, improve metabolic function for healthy quality of life! Our Medical Doctor and Physician Assistant are always on staff and excited to meet you and perform a health panel to assess if you qualify for Metformin.

By Amelia Falat PA-C