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The Options Medical Weight Loss Center medically supervised weight loss clinic located near Naperville, IL is one of three weight loss centers in and around Chicago, IL. The Naperville weight loss clinic is conveniently located for weight loss patients who work or reside in the neighborhoods of:

  1. Bolingbrook, Illinois
  2. Downers Grove, Illinois
  3. Aurora, Illinois,
  4. Wheaton, Illinois
  5. Plainfield, Illinois
  6. Romeoville, Illinois.

Our team of medically supervised weight loss doctors are well-known in the local area for their level of one on one weight loss patient care and the attention to each detail the weight loss journey. Each weight loss patient who walks through our Naperville, Illinois door is individually assessed to determine which Naperville, IL medical weight loss program at our weight loss facility will help the patient to meet specific weight loss goals. It should be noted that our Naperville, IL medical weight loss center is one of the only facilities in the region to offer multiple FDA-approved appetite suppressants.

The FDA-approved appetite suppressants offered by our Naperville medical weight loss center are all prescribed by our Naperville, IL weight loss doctor and include:

  • Phentermine to promote weight loss
  • Phendimetrazine
  • Diethylpropion.

For Illinois weight loss patients who do not want appetite suppressants, our Naperville, IL weight loss doctor can explain programs like the HCG diet for weight loss and the HCG injections that are a component of the program. The Naperville, IL HCG diet plan is a low calorie and low fat diet program that has been helping weight loss patients lose weight for more than sixty years. The Naperville, IL weight loss doctor at our weight loss clinic near you can also help you schedule weekly weight loss counseling, connect you with meal options that are healthy and he or she will be able to prescribe:

  • Lipotropic fat burning injections
  • B12 injections.

Our Naperville, IL weight loss center offers all new weight loss patients a free weight loss consultation with a medical weight loss professional to help you build the Options Medical Weight Loss program that is right for you.

The act of losing weight can be a frustrating battle, if done without a Naperville, IL weight loss doctor to help provide support. The act of losing weight and then regaining the weight can easily become a vicious cycle. However, the proper support and guidance can help you break the cycle of weight loss failure.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to visit our Naperville, IL medical weight loss center.