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You have probably heard the buzz about our Naperville, IL HCG diet that promises dramatic weight loss results with minimal cravings and hunger. There are so many weight loss plans out there, with many promises and approaches, it can become overwhelming to discern which diet plans actually work. Here is background on the Naperville, IL HCG diet and why you should consider it as part of your weight loss plan with Options Medical Weight Loss.

The Naperville, IL HCG diet involves daily injections of HCG hormone as well as extreme caloric restriction which can results in a pound-a-day weight loss. It has been shown to reset your metabolism and change your abnormal eating patterns. However, the mechanism of the HCG hormone, a hormone that is excreted by women in pregnancy is unknown. There are numerous things that have been researched about the Naperville HCG diet which explains how it changes the way you lose weight. Studies have found that HCG reduces feelings of hunger. This allows people to eat as little as 500 calories a day and not feel ravenous. How? It is believed the presence of HCG hormone in the bloodstream curbs the appetite. Furthermore, it has been found that HCG often causes feelings of nausea in early stages of pregnancy which explains its effect on appetite.

Another reason why HCG is effective is its hormone balancing effects. HCG is a pro-hormone which helps the body make more hormones. Oftentimes, hormone deficiency or imbalance is a reason for weight gain. Whether thyroid issues or problems brought on by menopause, the HCG can balance hormones which leads to a reduction in weight.

It must be noted that only HCG injections have been shown to raise blood levels of HCG. This is the only effective way of taking HCG at this time for the Naperville, IL HCG diet to work. Other methods of ingesting HCG such as drops, pills, or sprays do not enter the blood stream and curb appetite. A prescription from a Naperville, IL weight loss doctor such as Option Medical Weight Loss Center and medical supervision is required to successfully stay on this diet plan.

What does a typical meal plan on the Naperville, IL HCG diet include? Lean meats such as chicken and beef, non-starchy vegetables such as cucumbers and celery, and some fruits such are oranges and strawberries. There are no fatty foods, added sugars, or starchy vegetables allowed on this diet plan.

What are the benefits of the Naperville, IL HCG diet? Rapid weight loss with minimal hunger and cravings. Some people report weight loss as much as 2 pounds a day. Furthermore, the weight loss from HCG is fat loss not muscle loss. The body’s shape begins to change when on the HCG diet. Deposits of fat move away from the stomach and hips, instead become available for the use body to use immediately, leading to fat loss rather than muscle loss.

If you want to look and feel your best, contact Options Medical Weight Loss Center in Naperville, IL today to learn more about the HCG diet.