Since the FDA initially approved phentermine in 1959, the weight loss drug has helped millions of people eliminate excess weight. For this reason phentermine is still widely prescribed by the Glenview and South Loop Options Medical Weight Loss locations. However, if you are unsure whether phentermine works for weight loss, we are here to explain what you need to know to feel well-informed.

Tell Me How Phentermine Works

Phentermine prescribed by our weight loss clinic is not a miracle pill. The weight loss pill will not allow you to lose fat without hard work. However, the prescription weight loss medication does make it easier to shed extra weight by offering a boost of energy and acting as an appetite suppressant. This makes it easier for you to implement an improved eating plan and incorporate additional activity into your life.

Phentermine as an Appetite Suppressant

Prescription phentermine stimulates the adrenal glans to release a chemical substance in the brain which signals a fight-or-flight response. Through the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine, the body is able to create a feeling of fullness.

Phentermine Helps Boost Energy Levels

The same fight-or-flight response also triggers the release of adrenaline. Through the adrenaline release, phentermine stimulates other bodily functions to aid in the more efficient breakdown of food to improve energy production within the cells of the body.

Weight Loss and Phentermine

There is no need for you to engage in a fist fight or run from an enemy, so the additional boost of energy manifests as a desire to increase activity levels. The medication also helps you to remain focused on weight loss rather than snacking, by amplifying the feeling of fullness as well as concentration.

Now you know a little about how prescription phentermine can aid weight loss, we hope you feel more informed about how it works. If you have questions about phentermine, please feel free to contact our South Loop or Glenview, IL weight loss clinic.