There are no surprises here, many have experienced the unfortunate consequences of the weight “yo-yo”. In other words, you lose weight, gain it, lose it, and gosh darn it…. gain it back! While much of this can be blamed on old habits dying hard, there are actual biochemical processes occurring in your body driving your weight back up.

Hormonal Changes that occur when you lose weight:

Bodies like to function in a state of homeostasis. This means existing in a state of constant equilibrium. When you lose weight, you offset your internal equilibrium. Your brain sees less fat as less energy storage and does not like it! It will sabotage you by changing your hunger and satiety hormones to drive your body fat back up. This means you will feel hungrier and less full!

I will discuss a few of the hormones that change in your body during this unfortunate process. It is important to understand what goes on beneath the surface during weight loss so you can be more equipped to handle keeping your weight off!

  • Ghrelin: hormone, when hungry this triggers. (in stomach)
    • After weight loss: Ghrelin levels elevate
  • GLP 1: hormone, signals fullness (in small intestine)
    • After weight loss: GLP 1 levels decrease
  • PYY: hormone, signals fullness. (in distal small intestine)
    • After weight loss: PYY levels decrease
  • Leptin: produced by fat cells. (In body fat) Leptin lets brain know when we are hungry. The more fat cells you have, the higher your leptin. The higher the leptin the less hungry we are.
    • After weight loss: less fat, so less Leptin

So….what will Weight Loss do to your Appetite Hormones?

MAKES YOU HUNGRIER AND LESS FULL!! Are you seeing the patterns?

What can you do to keep weight off?

Yes, the facts are unfortunate, but it is important to understand all bodies are different and will respond uniquely to weight loss. Luckily there are some well-studied instructions to help keep this weight off once you meet your weight loss goals.
The providers at Options Medical Weight Loss are well versed with the changes in your appetite hormones. During the weight loss journey, we have FDA- approved appetite suppressants for appetite control. After you meet your individual goals we will give you facts, tips, tricks, and medication (if qualify) to maintain your incredible achievements. Our passion is your health and happiness!

By: Amelia Falat PA-C