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Leslie lost 13lbs with
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Leslie’s Story

I am a triathlete, so when I went on this scale and realized how much of my muscle mass I’ve lost, instead of my weight, I was so so so sad. And I said, “This can’t be it. A triathlete cannot be losing the muscle. You need to lose the weight.”.

I haven’t lost weight drastically, which I like. Because when you go in other diet programs they say, “Oh yeah, you have to lose the weight!”, but they forget that you need to focus on yourself, your body mass, your muscles, your water intake, the food that you’re eating. They start you off with their food, but at the end of the day they want you to learn that, you know what, you can’t be dependent on their food. You have to have a dependency on your own food and learn to be accountable for what you eat. 

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