Here are five reasons why adding more protein into your medically supervised weight loss plan can be the secret to weight loss success:

Eating protein can keep you full longer than carbs: While participating in a self-prescribed weight loss plan, have you ever experienced eating a meal that is heavy in carbohydrates and and then find that you are left feeling ravenous a few hours later? Your Orland Park, IL weight loss doctor can explain that eating protein instead of carbohydrates will counteract swings in blood sugar by helping you feel full longer. This feeling of satiety improves your chances of sticking to your medically supervised weight loss program and feeling less hungry throughout the day. Also, protein slows down the process of digestion which cuts down your chances of going back for seconds and helps to create a calorie deficit.

Eating protein is good for your diet: It should not a surprise that lean protein is an excellent source of nutrients and essential omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon. If lean protein is the staple that you plan your weight loss meal program around, you will end up with fewer unhealthy foods in your home. It is also important to keep in mind that lean protein has a lower caloric value of four calories per gram compared to nine calories per gram of fat.

Protein helps you build muscle: A favorite of body builders and athletes alike protein can help weight loss programpatients build and maintain muscle mass. After regular exercise, your body really needs protein to refuel and rebuild muscle. Therefore, increasing your protein intake on exercise days is a good idea. Keep in mind that, if you choose a snack that is high in protein after an isometric weight training session, the muscles are more receptive to nutrients. Muscles will repair and grow quicker with an adequate supply of protein.

Protein burns more calories than carbohydrates: The weight loss doctors at our Orland Park, IL weight loss center can explain to you that protein is more difficult for your body to chew and digest, therefore you will burn a few extra calories when you eat that chicken breast. Scientists refer to this as the thermic effect of food (TEF). While there are small gains as to the number of calories your body burns when it eats protein it is not enough to warrant basing your diet solely around protein.

Protein jump starts fat burning: We bet you did not know that your body is not able to burn and use fat as energy unless it has help from carbohydrate or protein. As you are reaching your medically supervised weight loss goals, your body will lose muscle as well as fat. It is especially important to have the right amount of protein in your diet during your weight loss program. This ill ensure that your body will burn fat while preserving lean muscle that is known for its calorie burning properties.

Protein is the nutrient that does amazing things for your Orland Park, IL medically supervised weight loss program. It reduces blood sugar spikes, curbs carb cravings, and keeps you full longer. From a scientific standpoint eating protein after exercise helps repair and grow muscles as well as burn calories. The bottom line is protein is a nutrient that is a weight loss powerhouse.