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Options Complete

Bupropion HCI/Phentermine HCI/Topiramate/Naltrexone HCI/Methylcobalamin Slow Release

Developed by Options’ Chief Medical Officer, Options Complete combines Phentimate and ProNovis, making it our most unique combination medication and our most complete solution to chronic weight management.

How it works

Phentimate combines two of the most common medications for appetite suppressants approved by the FDA: phentermine and topiramate. Both are intended to be used as part of an overall weight loss plan, and together have increased weight loss efficacy. ProNovis combines naltrexone and bupropion to work on parts of the brain responsible for appetite control and the reward system to manage food cravings. Together, these medications work extraordinarily well in suppressing appetite, reducing food cravings, and promoting weight loss.

Phentimate works on both suppressing appetite and creating feelings of fullness due to the combination of phentermine and topiramate. Phentermine works on your body’s nervous system to change the way your body responds to hunger. It blocks the brain’s hunger signals by increasing the body’s release of catecholamines, which are chemicals made by the adrenal glands. These hormones are important in stress response and cause an increase in heart rate and a decrease in appetite. Topiramate works to decrease appetite and keep you feeling full for longer after eating. It reduces bursts of electrical activity in your brain and restores the normal balance of nerve activity. Restoring this balance and keeping your brain activity at a homeostatic level helps reduce feelings of hunger because the hormones and neurons involved in the regulation of feeding are in the hypothalamus and brainstem. If there is an imbalance of these hormones, you will feel hungrier sooner post eating and this may lead to overeating and weight gain.

ProNovis also helps with appetite control and can reduce food cravings due to the combination of naltrexone and bupropion. In obese people, signals to your brain that tell you when you are hungry or when you are full may not work correctly; the body may send signals of hunger even after consuming food, or the body’s metabolism may slow down leading to less calories burned throughout the day. Naltrexone works to restore these signals. Studies reveal that participants taking naltrexone consumed significantly less food than patients who weren’t taking naltrexone to help with appetite control. Those patients on naltrexone reported that the food was less pleasant, showing that naltrexone may reduce the endorphins released from eating food, reducing the joy found in the act of eating, making food less desirable. Bupropion, the other component of ProNovis, works best in conjunction with naltrexone. On its own, bupropion was initially used as a medication for depression, but after noticing that the side effects of this drug caused patients to lose weight, healthcare providers started prescribing it for weight loss. When combined with naltrexone, bupropion stimulates weight loss by acting on receptors and neurotransmitters in the brain that affect metabolism and appetite.

How it’s prescribed

Options Complete is most suitable for patients who have no contraindications to Phentimate or ProNovis and are looking for long-term appetite suppression. The medical provider will prescribe you one capsule daily, taken in the morning.

Are Weight Loss Medications a Good Fit for Me?

Our team is qualified to guide you to the correct medication based on weight loss goals, health conditions, and medical history. With any medication there are side effects and contraindications, so not everyone can qualify for our medications. However, we have a team of Provider’s in our clinic who will review your medical history and perform a physical exam prior to dispensing the medication. Your safety and happiness is our mission! At your visit you will receive a thorough overview of our medications and leave feeling confident with your treatment regimen.