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Our St. Petersburg, FL weight loss center offers customized weight loss solutions designed by doctors, proven through science.

At Options Medical Weight Loss in St. Petersburg, our board-certified obesity doctors design custom-tailored programs for each individual that walks through our doors. Using the patient’s unique biomarkers and medical history, we employ a wide variety of scientifically-proven solutions to suit their specific needs and evolve their program over time. But don’t be fooled. We’re not a team of faceless white coats hidden away in a laboratory. When you join Options, you’re not just getting a doctor—you’re getting a friend, a coach, and a fan. Every step of the way, we’ll be by your side to monitor your progress and cheer on your success.


Start your journey. What better place than here? What better time than now?

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St. Petersburg, FL Weight Loss Services

Explore some of the services and methods of Options successful weight loss:

Options Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Supervised Programs

Options Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Prescription Weight
Loss Medications

Options Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Medical Grade Fat
Reducing Hormones

Options Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Fat Burners

Options Medical Weight Loss Clinic


Options Medical Weight Loss Clinic

B12 Injections

The choice to improve your life through weight loss can be tough. There will always be questions regarding how to lose the weight in the first place, what to eat and how to maintain the weight loss. The simple truth is that successful weight loss requires supervision from a medical weight loss professional. This is the reason Options Medical Weight Loss™ opened easy-to-reach weight loss clinics in areas where regular people live and work. In fact, Options Medical Weight Loss has opened a medical weight loss clinic in your own back yard in St. Petersburg, FL. The weight loss clinic in St. Petersburg, FL is also a quick drive for patients interested in medical weight loss living or working in:

  • PHistoric Old Northeast
  • PVenetian Isles
  • PHistoric Kenwood
  • PSnell Isle
  • PShore Acres
  • PDowntown St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg, FL Weight Loss Clinic

Options Medical Weight Loss Center™ St. Petersburg

There is little doubt you have taken the plunge with more than one popular new diet, weight loss plan or food excluding diet regimen. Each of these promised that you would see weight loss, but results are often short term. Take a moment to tell us if we hit the nail on the head. There is no need to consider weight loss a lost cause, these body changing results are expected when you choose to lose weight without help. Weight loss programs that are not medically monitored just do not help a person who would like to tackle weight loss because they do not typically take an all-encompassing approach to personal weight loss, like Options Medical Weight Loss Center™ in St. Petersburg.

The current state of your lack of success with weight loss programs may have you left you with the incorrect assumption that you have no weight loss options, it is vital that you understand that, when you choose your local Options Medical Weight Loss Center™, you will find the tools you need to lose extra weight and keep it off in the future. This medical weight loss clinic is located in a city that values a healthy outdoor lifestyle, which makes sense when you consider its proximity to the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico as well as Tampa Bay. In fact, St. Petersburg is well-known for its thriving walkable downtown area. The medical weight loss center offers ongoing supervision to men and women who are interested in defining weight loss goals, and prepared to achieve all goals using available successful services and programs.


A full body transformation is possible when you receive the medical support you need while completing your total weight loss journey. All weight loss patients are under the supervision of a St. Petersburg based weight loss doctor, a trained professional who knows how to work within a weight loss patient-centered program. The way that we look at it is that there is always a trained weight loss support team that Is available. This weight loss staff includes a weight loss counselor in our weight loss clinic near Historic Old Northeast.

The medically supervised weight loss team in this weight loss clinic, located at the intersection of 43rd Ave N and 4th St. N, know how to determine if a patient will benefit from an FDA-approved weight loss medication. The clinic can prescribe appetite suppressants to weight loss patients as well as numerous weight loss medications to help with appetite, and hunger. In addition to prescription weight loss medication, our weight loss doctor can also offer each of our patients lipotropic fat burning injections to expedite process of burning fat.

The idea that a weight loss counselor will be paired with a weight loss patient often comes as a surprise to a potential new weight loss patient, but the role of this person is vital. A local weight loss counselor will walk you through a lengthy and in-depth history and a personal assessment that allows our weight loss center to comprehend the reality of your weight loss obstacles. The goal of breaking a weight loss patient down completely is to help us help you create a new relationship with food and, in the not too distant future, yourself.

The personal decision to lose weight might be something you want to accomplish to enhance your quality of life in an area like Pinellas Park or Historic Kenwood. The loss of even a small amount of weight can improve:

  • Heart health and function
  • Joint health
  • Cholesterol

When you have completed your Options diet plan, we will help you understand your reset ideal weight, so that you can maintain this weight and stay on a healthy path today, tomorrow and in the future!

There is not better time to choose to focus on your personal wellness. Allow our St. Petersburg-area medical weight loss professional to help you in identifying the right supervised weight loss plan for you. Any decision that is made will be based upon you’re age and the circumstances you face, because this process is all about helping you look good and feel good.

Options Medical Weight Loss Center™ Weight Loss Programs

The carefully selected weight loss programs, offered by our top professionals to help you achieve your weight loss goals include:

The Options trademarked ketogenic weight loss plan is ideal for any weight loss patient who would like to lose anywhere from 10 lbs to 110 lbs with a duration that lasts as little as 1.5 months or as long as 8 months. While participating in the Options Medical Weight Loss plan, our local medical weight loss doctor will prescribe a patient with one of three FDA-approved weight loss medications to help manage appetite, and hunger. We also offer lipotropic fat burning injections to speed the fat burning process. Lastly, one of our weight loss counselors will team up with you weekly to help coach, educate, and motivate you all the way to your goal.

Additional weight loss medications available to medically supervised weight loss patients include:

  • Phentermine: This is a well-known and trusted FDA-approved appetite suppressant that can be paired with a weight loss doctor approved exercise program, behavior modification and diet program to help expedite weight loss
  • Phendimetrazine: This weight loss drug stimulates the nervous system and decreases the desire to eat for patients who have been unable to lose weight with food modifications and exercise alone
  • Diethylpropion: This FDA-approved prescription weight loss medication serves as method by which to suppress appetite in the short-term, to help you find your groove.

Options Diet System™ Prescription program

The Options Medical Weight Loss one of a kind keto diet program is made for the supervised weight loss patient who choose not to have his or her weight loss journey aided by the help of our FDA-approved weight loss medications. The diet program runs for intervals of six or ten weeks and is guided in weekly appointments by our weight loss counselors and they help:

  • Guide
  • Inform
  • Motivate

New Options Medical Weight Loss Services

Vitamin C Injections

This vitamin plays an important role in our diet. Vitamin C helps promote the production of white blood cells that are called lymphocytes and phagocytes. This important nutrient is found in citrus fruits, peppers and greens. However, receiving vitamin C through injection provides a greater boost to your immune system because it bypasses the long process of digestion and can therefore can be full absorbed by your body.

HCG Injection

HCG injections use the HCG hormone to allow you, as a weight loss patient, to go on a deficit of calories without being forced to endure feelings of extreme hunger. These injections help you keep from losing muscle mass while you lose weight by increasing hormone levels to counteract potential muscle breakdown.

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