Trevor N

“After coming to Options, I’ve become a lot happier with how I look physically and how I feel internally”


Susan H

“When I came in here, the people were so welcoming. They were very professional, they understood exactly what I wanted.”


Mutaz A

“I feel so happy and have so much more power than before.”


Allyson J

“I’ve lost over 30% body fat, it has been amazing”


Kelly B

“What I found the most amazing was how simple it is. Weight loss is never easy, but they make it so simple that I never really felt a struggle.”


Dell G

“Options has changed my life in that I no longer look at food options as limitations. I look at it as opportunities to be creative”


Melea Van O

“I feel like I can walk away knowing that I can be healthy and that I can do it on my own”


Jo Ellyn

“From the first day I walked into here, my confidence each week has continued to grow.”


Cristina B

“It’s just been a positive experience and life changing truly”


Agatha M

“I’ve lost over 30% body fat, it has been amazing.”


Josephine R

“I feel better about myself. I am able to choose foods that I enjoy, but also that will not hinder me in terms of maintaining my weight or my weight loss goals.”

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