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We can provide you with loads of data to back up the science behind our weight loss solutions (and believe us, we’ve got the data). But something tells us you’d rather hear it from people just like you. We are profoundly proud to have played a part in these stories. When you’re ready, let’s start writing yours.


“After coming to Options, I’ve become a lot happier with how I look physically and how I feel internally”

“Options has changed my life because now I have more energy, I’ve actually lost more weight than I wanted to… Which is wonderful.”
“My life has changed since coming to Options in several ways, not just physically, because I like what I see in the mirror, but also mentally.”
“AOptions has changed my life drastically in a few ways. Number one, I feel much better because I feel healthy.”
“ Options changed my life simply because I look a lot better and I feel more confident.”
“ I’ve been to so many doctors my whole life for my diabetes, but Options were the ones that helped me change my life.”

“Options has changed my life in that I no longer look at food options as limitations, I look at it as opportunities to be creative.”

Jo Ellyn
“Options has changed my life dramatically in various aspects.”
“I would say that the biggest way that Options has changed my life was that I got my life back.”
“Options has changed my life because, for one, I’m more confident in who I am as a person.”

“I just feel so happy and like I have so much more power than before.”

“Options has changed my life so much, it’s mind-boggling. I was so fuzzy-thinking and I was not happy with myself.”

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