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Agatha lost 23.3lbs with
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Agatha’s Story

My journey with options has been fantastic. I was really searching trying to find another option to help with my increase of body fat, and as I was going through Facebook, I came across Options. I called, they called me right back for a free consultation, and they sat and listened to what my struggles were, where and what I had been through before, and developed a plan just for me. The next day I came back to the clinic, and we started the plan. My counselor has been very good with me, and she’s helped me to make sure I stay on track with the meal plans. She also helps with encouraging me to drink more water, which I think has been one of my greatest challenges during this weight loss journey. Options was the greatest option; it’s given me a better journey with life. Quite honestly, I wish I had found about them earlier. I’m smaller, I’m happier, and my knees are very happy because I don’t have all of that weight on me anymore.

The reason that I decided to go with Options actually started right at the front door. The staff was friendly and inviting. The person who did my consultation truly listened and was open to everything that I was saying. That made my decision easy for me, and before I knew it, I pulled out my credit card before she even finished. It was a no-brainer; when people are kind, you can feel it. Their treatment wasn’t just to get you through the door; they’ve been with me the entire time.

My life has changed since coming to Options in several ways, not just physically, because I like what I see in the mirror, but also mentally. It helped me to change my mindset. I had staff that was there that encouraged me that I can do it and that I had the right to do it. I don’t see myself as not achieving anymore. I feel like I can talk to people that I would not have talked to before, just because I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. The smaller I have gotten, the bolder I have become, which is really related to confidence. My authentic self has come forth. Options did shed all of the weight, but more importantly, it got rid of that past low self-esteem and the way that I say myself. Every day I see myself changing more and more into someone that I really like.

Agatha Testimonial

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