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Cristina lost 47.6lbs with
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Cristina’s Story

I started Options at the beginning of 2020 after I made my weight loss resolution for the 10rd time. I wanted to actually act on it, so I saw the ad for Options and decided to call and get information. I went in, and it just seemed like a really good fit with all the different tools that they could give me to help get me started on my journey and keep me on it.

I had several weight loss goals along my journey. My number one goal is to get healthier, which I’ve been able to reach. I’ve been an insulin-dependent diabetic for over 17 years, utilizing an insulin pump. It’s been a few months with Options and I haven’t had to use it anymore. It’s been an adjustment to this new life of being a normal person and not having to walk around with this machine attached to me. Now that this huge goal in my life has been reached, the sky is the limit of other goals that I can reach and maintain.

I chose Options because I saw that it’s a multi-faceted approach. It’s not just a meeting, a diet or a plan, it’s everything together. That’s what I truly needed to help me reach my goals and to set new goals. It’s the combination of everything together that brought success for me. I think what really helped was the one-on-one coaching. It truly helped me to build a relationship with my counselor; we got to know each other, and the tweaks that we would make every week really made an impact on me.
I think one of my favorite experiences with Options is the weekly weigh-ins with the InBody., I’m not just looking at that one number of how much I weigh; the technology that they have really breaks down where my weight is. My priority has changed by not just seeing what that final overall number is, but also seeing what areas I can improve for next time and what I can do to make it better.

Options helped me where my own doctor couldn’t help me. I’ve been to so many doctors my whole life for my diabetes, but Options were the ones that helped me change my life. They improved my health and allowed me to not have so many medications and to not be dependent on insulin. It’s very emotional to me that after 17 years, I’m no longer on an insulin pump and I can be a “normal” person.

Cristina Testimonial

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