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Mutaz lost 36.6lbs with
the Options Diet System

Mutaz’s Story

My experience with Options was a great journey, taking me about four months. The way they deal with weight loss worked very, very well with me. I used to live in an apartment on the first floor, which required no stairs to enter. Later, I moved to a second-floor apartment and there was about 20-25 stairs to get into my apartment each day. Right after I finished moving, I went back up the stairs, and I felt tired. I thought to myself, “What’s going on? Why am I breathing heavy like this?” I just realized at that time that I need to follow a diet system or find any other ways to lose some weight.

Before I came to Options, I was 249 pounds and lost almost 20 pounds before going to the clinic. After losing that 20 pounds, I found it hard to just keep going with my weight loss goal. I was thinking of going through a major stomach surgery to help with my weight loss. When I looked into it more, I would see all of these side effects that scared me about the surgery. After deciding against the surgery, I heard about Options and their exciting weight loss systems they offer. I was excited about their use of supplements, healthy food, and support along the way. With Options, I reached my original goal of 190 pounds. I just feel so happy and like I have so much more power than before

Mutaz Testimonial

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