There are hundreds of diet plans out there that you can choose from. The question is, which one is right for you? To lose weight and keep the weight off, you need to find a diet plan that includes a healthy meal plan and a workout regimen. Before jumping headfirst into a popular diet you keep seeing on Instagram, you should first ask these four essential questions.


Does this diet plan utilize various foods for the core food groups?

Any good and solid diet plan should include numerous foods from each food group. Different foods bring different amounts of vitamins to the table and changing up the elements of your diet can keep the excitement in your meal planning. The core food groups you need to be pulling from include low-fat dairy, fruit, whole grains, lean meats, and vegetables.


Does this diet plan include foods that work with your general palette?

Keeping up with a diet plan for a short period of time may help you lose weight but maintaining that weight loss requires a full lifestyle adjustment. This shift in your lifestyle means that the foods you eat must be something you’re okay with eating for the foreseeable future.

Are these foods easily accessible and budget-friendly?

When choosing a diet plan, it’s important to find one where you can easily access and afford the foods. If you cannot easily find the foods in the diet plan, or the foods are out of your diet, then it will be even harder to stick to the diet plan long term. You may be able to uphold the diet for a few months, but in the end unavailability of a broken budget will eventually cause you to walk away from the plan entirely.

Is a regular workout part of this diet plan?

Your diet and meal plan is only one piece of the weight loss puzzle. Another essential piece is a good exercise plan. A sustainable diet plan should include a workout regimen that partners with the diet to give you the best results. If you find a diet plan that interests you but doesn’t have a workout plan, you can always approach a certified personal trainer to build you a workout that will fit well with your diet and fitness goals.


Most if not all diet programs are not one size fits all. Instead of jumping into a fad diet that’s circulating social media, we recommend going to a medical weight loss clinic for a healthy diet plan. Here at Options Medical Weight Loss in Chandler Arizona, we build a customized program for you that fits your budget, goals, and restrictions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.