The sun is out here in Chicago, temperatures are rising, and the ongoing winter and quarantine blues are finally coming to an end. It is officially time to remove those heavier coats from your closet and bring out the swimwear. Don’t fret about quarantine weight gain, even if you have had time to hide yourself inside and under layers of clothing, there is no better time to lose weight during bikini season, than during bikini season itself. Summer is undeniably the best time to firm up, tone and start a medically supervised weight loss program. You may question why summer is the best time, due to the fact that you want your body to be “summer ready,” but in reality, summer leads you to the happiness and confidence of having the body you have always wanted.

The “it’s too cold” and “I’m supposed to stay indoors” excuse, doesn’t work anymore

When you walk outside, instead of having chills roll down your spine, you feel the warmth of the sun. There are no more excuses to be made that it’s “too cold,” or even that you need to remain home 24/7, you can now put on your shorts and t-shirt and go for a walk or a run.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Summer calls for Chicago, IL farmers market season. The key to a healthy lifestyle and medically supervised weight loss is what you include in your diet. Making fruit and vegetables a key component in your weight loss plan will ultimately help you lose the weight you want. Not only will you shed some pounds, but you will have a higher energy level and be feeding your body the important vitamins and minerals it needs.


As temperatures rise, you need to drink an increased amount of water. Water is essential to healthy and maintainable weight loss. Water increases calorie burning and helps remove wastes from your body. When you exercise, water helps your muscles and joints move more smoothly and reduces the risk of cramps and fatigue. An added bonus? Increasing your hydration also creates clearer, healthier skin. So, if you are already moving around and staying active, in an effort to lose weight, why not do it at a time where your water intake has increased due to the weather?

Better Mood

Sweet, sweet summertime. There’s no denying that you’re happiest in the summer. You’re able to spend time outdoors, exercise, take vacations and spend quality time with friends and family. During a time when you’re notably happier, try to take advantage of setting your weight loss goals. You will have more motivation to achieve them. Exercise also produces serotonin in your brain, which helps boosts your moods.

Free Time

There is nothing better than hearing you have more free time. Summer gives us the opportunity to have more of exactly that. With more free time, you can meal prep, cook healthy meals, make healthy snacks and have the time to exercise. Taking advantage of your free time to help develop healthier habits, will give you that healthy body you have always wanted.