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Options Medical Weight Loss Center™ Chicago

People who are interested in pursuing successful weight loss and improving overall personal health and personal satisfaction will want to check into our Options Medical Weight Loss Center™ in Chicago. This medical weight loss clinic location is in the South Loop, not too far from three of biggest museums, a favorite area to spend time away from home. The clinic offers supervised medical weight loss to men and women who are prepared to achieve weight loss goals using popular and highly successful services and diet programs.


Enhance your body, inside and out, while receiving the medical supervision you need to customize a weight loss plan to fit in your active lifestyle. Each weight loss patient is under the direct care of a medical professional, a weight loss doctor who has trained in weight loss patient-centered one of a kind training and certification. There is also a well-trained weight loss support staff to act as a support mechanism, including a trained weight loss counselor.

The weight loss professionals in this medical clinic have the ability to prescribe weight loss medications and plan enhancing injections to help promote weight loss that is expedient, substantial and permanent. Our weight loss medical supervision providers can prescribe FDA-approved appetite suppressants and well-known weight loss medications to help curb appetite, and manage hunger. In addition to supervised medical weight loss appetite suppressants, we can also prescribe patients with lipotropic fat burning injections and HCG injections to speed the process of burning fat.

The available appetite suppressants include, but are not limited to:

  • Phentermine for weight loss
  • Phendimetrazine
  • Diethylpropion

A weight loss counselor is helpful and necessary because he or she will help you engage in a complete assessment that includes all aspects of your life, This will allow us to identify potential obstacles and hurdles that come up as you develop a new relationship with food and, eventually, yourself.

A planned loss of excess weight may be something you want to accomplish to have a big impact on diabetes. Though weight loss may not be a cure to type 2 diabetes in all cases, achieving a healthy body weight does hold that potential for many people who currently weigh too much. Following the completion of your medical weight loss program, we will reset your ideal weight, so you can maintain your weight and remain on a healthy path now and in the future!

Allow our medical weight loss staff to assist you selecting the ideal weight loss program for someone who is your age and unique circumstances, because we want you to look good and feel good.

Options Medical Weight Loss Center™ Weight Loss Programs

The carefully selected weight loss programs, offered by our top professionals to help you achieve your weight loss goals include:

Options Diet System™ Prescription program

Options trademarked ketogenic diet program is great for anyone trying to lose 10 lbs to 110 lbs within a duration as short as six weeks or up to thirty-four weeks. While participating in this weight loss program, our medical weight loss doctor prescribes a patient with an FDA-approved weight loss medication to help manage appetite, and hunger. We also offer lipotropic fat burning injections to speed the fat burning process. Lastly, one of our weight loss counselors will team up with you weekly to help coach, educate, and motivate you all the way to your goal.

Options Diet System™ Non-Prescription program

The Options one of a kind ketogenic diet program is designed for the weight loss patient who chooses not to have his or her medically supervised program aided with the help of our FDA-approved weight loss medications. The diet programs run for intervals of six or ten weeks and is guided weekly by our weight loss counselors and they help:

  • Coach
  • Educate
  • Motivate

If a patient chooses, we also offer our lipotropic fat burning injections to aid them in their fat burning process during this program.

New Options Medical Weight Loss Services

Vitamin C injections

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin in our diet. The vitamins supports the production of new white blood cells called lymphocytes and phagocytes. This important nutrient is found in citrus fruits, peppers and greens. However, receiving vitamin C through injection provides a greater boost to your immune system because it bypasses the long process of digestion and can therefore can be full absorbed by your body.

Where To Find Us

This Chicago weight loss facility is located near the neighborhoods of:

  • The Loop
  • The West Loop
  • River North
  • Old Town
  • Lincoln Park

We offer a complimentary consultation with one of our medical professional to help customize your Options program.

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Options Medical Weight Loss
1147 South Wabash Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605
Phone: 312-360-1604
Fax: 312-971-4414

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Ready to get started?

Call us at 1-312-360-1604 or email us!

Call us at 1-312-360-1604 or email us!