The average person in Glenview gains about one or two pounds during the holidays. Sure that might not sound that bad, but over a few years it begins to add up if you don’t take care of it. Thankfully, our Glenview, IL weight loss doctor is here to explain some actions that can be taken to prevent this holiday weight gain altogether.

Don’t skip those holiday meals!

Saving room for that big feast? Maybe you have a party to go to and the host makes the best spread. The medical weight loss professionals will explain that you don’t skip meals leading up to those feasts. When you begin to starve your body of the calories it needs, something primal happens within us. Our bodies freak out if you will. Your body will trigger you to eat more, and quickly, when the next meal comes. This results in overeating. That’s not all however. Your body is also more likely to store these fats and carbs in case you decide to go wild again and not eat. This will result in more weight gain all around. Instead, we recommend to start the day with a breakfast that is part of your medically supervised weight loss program. Then throughout the day it’s best to eat foods that have been recommended by your Glenview, IL weight loss center. These foods will contain less calories, but will satisfy your hunger.

Smaller Portions

Holiday feasts tend to be huge and extravagant. Second or Third helpings to the buffet style feast can be damaging to your weight loss goal. Or maybe you gravitate to the “Healthier” foods. This is a good choice, but overeating any type of food can set you back. Many times we forget that the protein rich turkey is still packed with calories. Make sure that your plate is well-balanced and not over doing it. By pacing yourself, you can eat both the healthier options as well as some desert!

Pick a Method and Stick With it

There are many ways you can go about maintaining your weight or losing weight during the holidays. Using a smaller plate helps prevent overly large portions. Eating salad or veggies before each meal helps you eat fewer calories during the entrees. Eating slowly and savoring that fantastic flavor, as well as waiting about 10 minutes before fixing seconds, helps the food travel to your stomach and filling you up faster.

Keep Moving

After a big meal like dinner, weight loss can be aided by physical activity. Play some silly holiday games that keep you on your feet. Take a walk at night in Glenview, IL and stroll through the pretty lit up streets or your neighborhood. Anything that keeps you moving is good for your body and can help build new memories or traditions with your family.

Even with all of these methods, it can still help to visit a Glenview, IL medically supervised weight loss clinic. They can help you by providing some information on healthy eating, and give you ways to stay focused on your personal weight loss goals. Don’t hesitate to contact your Glenview weight loss center today!

By just following a few of these strategies, you can completely avoid that holiday weight gain while still enjoying the memories that the holiday food brings.