Get Your Family Started on a Healthy Lifestyle While You Work With our Glenview Weight Loss Clinic

Family is very important, so it’s equally important to keep your family healthy and happy as you begin your weight loss program. But what is the best way to do that? We have some advice and tips on the best way to get your family’s nutrition, screen time, and fitness on track.

Setting a good example.

Studies show that children and young adults follow the lead of their parents. As hard as it is to believe, kids listen! By learning to eat right, with the help our our Glenview weight loss clinic, keeping active and limiting your own personal screen time, it makes things easier to make those boundaries with others in the home.

Giving the kids a say in decision making.

Younger Children:  Young kids want to explore life beyond your Glenview home! Trying new foods, experimenting with new exercises, etc. By letting young kids give input and share ideas creates a stronger family bond while also giving them more freedom over their lives. Bring them to the grocery store to pick healthy foods to try. Let them pick a non-electronic activity to do. Not only are they making healthy decisions, but they’re also helping support you on your journey.

Older Children: Unlike young kids, teenagers and young adults aren’t always gonna be open to sharing their opinions and ideas. Make sure to keep an eye out on what works with them and what doesn’t. Instead of telling them what they should do, educate them on health and fitness and ask what they want to do on a weekend in Northbrook. It lets them know that they’re ultimately in charge of their bodies, their life and their health.

Taking it slow.

The easiest way to go about things is by making small changes periodically, while you learn to make bigger changes with the help of our Glenview weight loss clinic. As an example, instead of eating dessert every night, let them try every other night. Then only on the weekends. Soon you’ll be able to cut out family dessert altogether. It doesn’t have to be one big lifestyle change, just adjusting some habits until you’re comfortable and happy.

Making it Easier

Having easy and healthy snacks prepared and on hand is the best way to let your family start at their own pace. A bowl of washed fruit on the table, predetermined portions of veggies and dip in the fridge, etc. These all make mindless and easy snacks ready on the go.

Get rid of the junk food in your cupboards

Toss out those chips, candies, and sodas and replace them with a healthier option. Give your family a wide variety of choices of healthy food, and remove the temptation that junk food can bring.

Change the way you talk about a healthy lifestyle in Glenview, IL.