America is known for being an obese country. Struggling with obesity or weight gain can cause certain unwanted medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease. The American diet is high-carb, high-fat, and high-sugar. However, it doesn’t have to be that way for everyone.

A better diet can lead to more energy and can make you feel mentally and physically better. If you want to improve your self-image and create a healthier lifestyle, you can begin with food.

Shifting your diet can change your body and ultimately make you feel better. Here’s what happens when you decide to make the change:


One Week

If your someone who has bad eating habits, changing your diet can make you feel better in only one week. You may notice changes like being lethargic or mentally on edge because of certain cravings, but after that, you will feel way better. Eating high-protein and high-vitamin meals will help your body function better. Just after one week, you will notice how much better your feel.


A Month

The first two weeks will be hard, but once you’ve been eating healthier for a month, you will be fully enjoying your new lifestyle. Drinking lots of water and eating nutrient-dense foods, your skin will clear up, inflammation in the body with cease and your metabolism will be moving a lot faster. With this newer lifestyle and higher energy levels, you may want to begin working out and adding a strong exercise routine to help you lose even more weight. After a month it won’t be as tricky, and you will have created new eating habits for yourself.


A Year

By now, you should be down some pounds and your food habits will have changed. Instead of going for French fries, you may reach for broccoli. The key to any weight loss program or diet plan is consistency. After a year, it won’t feel difficult anymore and will become second nature. Changing your diet doesn’t just have to be about losing weight either, it can be about creating a new healthier lifestyle physically and mentally. Ultimately giving your more energy and a clearer mind.


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