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Naperville, IL Weight Loss Clinic Explains How the HCG Diet Can Benefit You

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that is known to reset the metabolism and adjust abnormal eating patterns. It is believed that when the hormone is present in the bloodstream, it curbs the feelings of hunger. So what exactly is the Naperville, IL HCG diet?

The Naperville, IL HCG diet includes daily injections of the hormone as well as very strict caloric intake which can give you pound-a-day weight loss results. As discussed above, HCG curbs the appetite and makes it easier to significantly restrict your calories. This simply means it makes it easier for you to reach your goal weight. Patients have been known to only consume as little as 500 calories a day while on the diet.

Another reason this medically supervised weight loss program is so good for promoting weight loss is the balancing effect it has on hormones. HCG is considered prohormone, meaning it helps the body develop more hormones. Often we find that hormone deficiencies or imbalances result in weight gain. Whether it is an issues with the thyroid, or problems set on by menopause. The Naperville, IL HCG diet can give you the balance your hormones desperately need in order to maintain a healthy weight.

It is important to be aware that only HCG injections have been proven to raise blood levels of HCG. This is the only good way of taking the HCG for the diet to work. Other methods of consuming the HCG such as pills, sprays, and drops don’t enter the bloodstream, stunting your appetite.

What does an average meal look like when one is on the Naperville, IL HCG diet? First off, your protein is going to be lean meats. Chicken, fish, and lean beef are good sources of protein on the HCG diet. Non start by vegetables like celery and cucumber are a great addition to any meal. Fruits like oranges and strawberries can shake up your meal plan and give you a little extra treat. No fatty foods, added sugars, or start by vegetables are good for the HCG diet plan.

What are the benefits of the diet? Rapid weight loss for one! Because of the reduction in hunger and cravings, you can see as many as 2 pounds shed off a day. The weight loss from the HCG is all fat, and none of your muscle.

If you want to look and feel like your absolute best, contact your Naperville, IL Options Medical Weight Loss Center today for more information.