Did you know there are many benefits to the HCG diet? Maybe you’re curious, but don’t worry! We have some information that may be useful to you if you’re considering our HCG clinic in Orland Park.

What is the HCG diet?

First off, HCG stands for – human chorionic gonadotropin. That’s a lot I know, but basically its a hormone produced by pregnant women. So don’t be confused or shocked if someone calls it the “pregnancy hormone”. Now a days, the weight-loss-protocol is very popular because of its application a an amazing weight loss diet.

So how was this first discovered? Back in the 1950’s an endocrinologist noticed a change whenever they were given the hormone. It was reported they no longer wanted to eat constantly, and lost weight overtime. This really interested him, and his curiosity lead to research and eventually the weight-loss-protocol of today.

So How Does This Work?

HCG is pro-hormone. Essentially that means it helps and promotes the production of other hormones. When it’s injected straight into the bloodstream, it triggers the brain. This makes your brain to exude lipids, the hunger stunting hormone.

Now this is exciting stuff! Because your cravings are gone, your body burns the stored fat to keep you going. This means you could burn close to a pound of fat a day!

If you want to lose some pounds, HCG allows you to eat as little as 500 calories of a nutritious meal. You will no longer feel like you’re starving, and those cravings that set you back every time will be gone. That’s not the only benefit you can receive from this treatment though!

HCG is an easy and painless way to lose weight! No more sweating or working out in the gym. With just an HCG injection and a strict diet you can see results within a few days.

An additional benefit is the lowering of your cholesterol levels, as well as reducing the odds of heart-related diseases. As the HCG works, it helps your body lose weight in the right places. Even distribution of your weight will give you the best curves in all the right places.

Not only will you look sexier, but you’ll feel sexier. HCG promotes hormonal balance in the body, which releases the sexual endocrines like testosterone. And because of this increase in testosterone it helps to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Now if you want to keep working out while on HCG the nice things is that it helps improve endurance and performance. Weight Loss means your body doesn’t have to work as hard in order to keep oxygen flowing through the system. This allows you to push hard and faster during your workouts.

A lot of the reservations people have about low calories diets is that there tends to be a loss of muscle mass. This means low metabolism and eventually weight gain. HCG however restricts the loss of muscle mass making sure you keep and build your muscle tone while burning fat at the same time.

In conclusion, losing weight is not an easy task. However, with HCG diet you have a safe and simple method of burning fat. We suggest talking to a weight loss professional at our Orland Park HCG clinic to see what is right for you and our body.