Florida summers are unlike any other. The heat and humidity together definitely can make it tough. But the sunshine state is the best place to be.

The summer heat makes it more difficult to exercise and stay active. However, Options Medical Weight Loss, Largo, is here to inform you that there are ways to stay active and beat the heat.

Stay Active

Go for a Walk

Yes, you will be outside. However, you can choose your walking destination. If you prefer to hike, you will be shaded with plenty of trees. Try to find a nice hike on a day where there is a cool breeze. Another place to go for a nice walk in the beach. Here, you will get an even nicer freeze from the water.


Go to a Pool

Nothing screams summer like pool days! Hopping into the pool and swimming some laps around the pool or even treading water is a great way to get exercise and can be fun with others.


Go Rollerblading

Another active, enjoyable sport is rollerblading. You can rollerblade on a trail that can be shaded and keep you cool. When you are blading against the wind, it’ll feel like a rush and you can enjoy the exercise you are performing while also losing calories.


Walk the Mall

There’s no need to worry about overheating when you’re indoors! Walking around the mall is a great way to exercise. If you are someone who believes in retail therapy, then this is perfect for you (I know I do)!


Workout Inside

A gym is always an option too when trying to exercise and beat the heat!