Options Medical Weight Loss Plans Major Expansion in 2024

Jan. 22, 2024

Options Medical Weight Loss™, a Thurston Group portfolio company and the nation’s premier medical weight loss clinic and provider of medical weight loss solutions announced a significant expansion plan, driven by a commitment to reduce the national year-over-year growth rate of obesity through positive lifechanging experiences.

Market ExpansionDrs. Jaquelyn Bitler, Katrina Mattingly, and Matt Walker
Options Medical Weight Loss is poised for accelerated growth in 2024 as it builds upon the strong foundation laid in 2023 including serving 15,000 new patients, opening seven new clinics, increasing employees by almost 50%, and launching telehealth services and a new mobile app. Currently standing at 23 clinics, the company plans significant expansion this year. The additions will consist of new locations across existing and new markets including Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Philadelphia. This investment in clinics, people, infrastructure, and innovation positions Options Medical Weight Loss to further change more lives by combatting the obesity epidemic across the United States.

“We are now more focused than ever, having substantiated our model and built the foundational infrastructure necessary to scale and fulfill our purpose—reducing the year-over-year growth of obesity rates.” — Dr. Matt Walker, CEO

“For the past 18 months, Options Medical Weight Loss has focused on building an infrastructure that can support infinite growth, grounded in patient outcomes and improving global population health. We’ve established an organization with best-in-class pay and benefits for our employees, knowing that happy and successful employees are the start of providing world class care for our patients. Options Medical Weight Loss has been a pioneer in the medical weight loss industry, serving 50,000 patients since opening its doors 10 years ago. We are now more focused than ever, having substantiated our model and built the foundational infrastructure necessary to scale and fulfill our purpose—reducing the year-over-year growth of obesity rates. We will continue to strive to set the industry standard as the premium medical weight loss brand. There is no shortage of people that need our help. People helping people. That’s our business!” — Dr. Matt Walker, CEO

Positive Life-Changing Experiences and Outcomes
Options Medical Weight Loss offers customized, non-surgical medical weight loss solutions that are safe, effective, and affordable. Their prescription and non-prescription programs have been designed by obesity board-certified physicians to help patients reach their weight loss and health goals. Options Medical Weight Loss’ comprehensive care teams strive to care for the WHOLE patient on their weight loss journey by guiding them through addressing the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that make each person’s weight loss journey unique.

“We pride ourselves on looking beyond the number on the scale. In 6 months, our average patient loses 30lbs of fat, including 21% of their dangerous visceral fat and 17% of their total body weight. Increasing a patient’s muscle-to-fat ratio is a notable benefit to long-term health. At Options Medical Weight Loss we support and encourage our patients to a deeper level of health.” — Chief Medical Officer Dr. Katrina Mattingly.

Over 50,000 Patients Helped
Obesity is a major medical condition afflicting 42% of the adult US population as of the most recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH). This segment of the population grew from an already concerning 30% in 1999. According to the NIH, 73% of American adults are considered obese or overweight. Options Medical Weight Loss is focused on reducing this growth by offering life-changing medical weight loss programs. In 10 years, over 50,000 patients have been supported and guided through unique weight loss experiences with the average patient losing 17% of their bodyweight and significantly changing their body composition by increasing their muscle-to-fat ratio in 6 months of treatment.

Leadership Expansion
As a part of their investment in people, Options Medical Weight Loss expanded their leadership team with the additions of Chief Clinical Officer Dr. John Mulligan, Regional Medical Director Dr. Amy Buchanan, and Chief Marketing Officer Joe Pflanz. The additions of Dr. Mulligan and Dr. Buchanan ensure the continued high level of patient support and care already present at Options Medical Weight Loss clinics. The addition of Mr. Pflanz supports the company’s efforts to build the brand and drive awareness in new and existing markets.

Comprehensive, Lifetime Partner
Every Options Medical Weight Loss patient receives a plan of care customized by an obesity-certified medical provider based on the individual’s body composition, health history, and goals. This comprehensive approach incorporates medical tools, one-on-one health coaching, and innovative digital tools to track progress. Throughout the weight loss experience, care teams position themselves as long-term partners to support and guide patients in sustaining their weight loss. The Options Medical Weight Loss leadership team continues to innovate and incorporate new strategies to help their patients lose weight and maintain that weight loss while becoming healthier and happier.

About Options Medical Weight Loss
Options Medical Weight Loss is the premier medical weight loss facility offering services in
Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona. With the purpose of reducing the national year-over-year growth rate of obesity through positive life-changing experiences, Options Medical Weight Loss has helped over 50,000 patients in its 10-year history.

For more information, visit OptionsMedicalWeightLoss.com.

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