When searching for weight loss solutions in your search engine, you will immediately be hit with magic pills, “cleanse”, lifestyle hacks, trendy diets, and ultimately scams. With all of this information out there, how can you tell what’s a lie and what’s not? How do you find out what will work and what won’t? It can be very frustrating to have to filter through all of the results. The trial and error of these solutions can not only make it seem like it’s impossible to lose weight, but it can also cause a lot of stress to the body that just isn’t necessary.

One step you can take towards deciphering fact from fiction is simply knowing what weight loss myths are out there so you can avoid them. These scams may seem funny or ridiculous, but in the end, they can cause major harm to those who simply do not know or understand.


Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses are a gaining trend on Instagram that claims to work as a detox and a quick way to lose weight. Even though it is a huge calorie reduction, it is essentially just liquid sugar. This will cause spikes in blood sugar, ultimately resulting in weight gain. The way a juice cleanse works is essentially starving the body of necessary nutrients, which will definitely cause a significant drop in weight. However, this restriction can cause long-term damage to your metabolism. In order to truly detox your system, switch to a cleaner eating diet instead.


Caloric Restriction

Cutting your calorie intake too low for too long can actually cause weight gain over time. Depriving your body of important nutrients and calories can cause nutritional deficiencies and slow your metabolic weight. Eventually, your body will attack not just your fat but your muscle in order to have the energy it needs to function.


Exercise Without Dieting

Right now, there is a trend of specific workouts giving you the results you want without the discipline of a diet. They promise that you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest weight loss myths out there. Exercise has many benefits, but contrary to popular belief, weight loss isn’t actually one of them. It builds muscles and burns calories, but burning those calories won’t matter if you are consuming more than you are burning.

With all of this misinformation out there, it can be very difficult to try and start your weight loss journey on your own. This is why a weight loss program can be one of the best solutions for you. Here at Options Medical Weight Loss in Glenview Illinois, we create customized plans to fit your goals and needs while keeping any possible physical or dietary restrictions in mind. Staffed by medical professionals, our weight loss center ensures that your weight loss journey is safe and healthy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.