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GLP-1s For Weight Loss

GLP-1 medications (glucagon-like peptide 1s) are one of the most effective drug classes for long-term weight loss on the market. Research has shown that patients using GLP-1s can lose between 15% and 20% of their bodyweight. Weight reduction helped by GLP-1 medications are approaching the rates of long-term success observed after bariatric surgery.

Tirzepatide is now available at Options. This medication combines powerful GLP-1 with GIP (glucose dependent insulinotropic polypeptide. Patients on Tirzepatide are seeing weight loss of over 20% of their body weight in studies. This medication works similar to a GLP-1 standalone, but the addition of a GIP gives it additional weight-loss power!

These FDA-approved medications make the stomach empty slower – so you’ll feel satisfied with smaller amounts of food, helping you to eat less. They also signal to the brain that there’s food in the stomach, which decreases appetite and cravings. Additionally, they stimulate the body to release insulin, reducing your blood sugar level.  These factors can help you to make more moderate choices that are aligned with your body’s needs.

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How GLP-1 Medications Work

GLP-1 medications simulate the natural hormone produced in the intestines that helps people feel full after they eat. It also stimulates insulin secretion (allowing cells to take up glucose) and inhibits glucagon secretion (preventing more glucose from being released into the bloodstream) lowering blood sugar levels.

GLP-1s also increase satiety (how full you feel) after eating, which helps contribute to its weight loss properties. There’s also evidence that they contribute to weight loss by lowering the body’s natural “set point” for weight. GLP-1 medications are most effective when combined with the Options Diet System and daily activity.

What Medications Simulate GLP-1?

There are several popular medications promoted today that simulate GLP-1, including Semaglutide, Wegovy®, Ozempic®, Rybelsus®, Saxenda®, Victoza®, Trulicity®, and Mounjaro® (Tirzepatide).

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