Sugar Blocker: New Supplement Now Available to Public from Options Medical Weight Loss

Mar 29, 2023

Options Medical Weight Loss releases a new, proprietary supplement that is a game-changer in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

The team at Options Medical Weight Loss is excited to release Sugar Blocker to the public! As part of Options’ vast offerings, the team at Options developed Sugar Blocker, a supplement that aids in controlling blood glucose throughout the day and works to block sugar absorption in the digestive system.

Sugar Blocker works to increase the body’s utilization of sugars and helps to maintain stable blood glucose, decreasing insulin spikes. With blood sugar levels stable, you will experience less food cravings, sustainable energy, and weight loss when paired with a healthy diet and exercise.


  • Stabilizes blood sugar
  • Degreases food cravings
  • Increases energy
  • Promotes weight loss
  • May increase muscle mass

Hear from Options Medical Weight Loss Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Katrina Mattingly how Sugar Blocker works.

How It’s Used

Sugar Blocker is a supplement that can be taken before a meal or as needed to stabilize blood sugar levels. It does not contain stimulants and is a safe solution for people with diabetes, pre-diabetes, or those looking to control blood sugar levels. Before use, talk to a medical provider if you have been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus, or take insulin or oral hypoglycemics.

How to Get Started

Individuals interested in Sugar Blocker can purchase now, but we do recommend meeting with an Options weight loss specialist for free metabolic testing and a complimentary consultation. With the support of board-certified obesity doctors, together, you will receive a custom-tailored weight loss program that is aimed at achieving your specific goals. Options provides a variety of scientifically proven solutions and offers different weight loss services, including physician supervised programs, prescription weight loss medications, lipotropic injections, meal replacements, and one-on-one weight loss counseling.

Patients can start their journey by signing up for a free consultation on our website or by calling 888-405-LOSE (5673).

About Options Medical Weight Loss:

Options Medical Weight Loss was founded in 2014 in Chicago, Illinois and has since opened locations throughout Illinois, Ohio, Florida, and Arizona, with continued plans to expand to more states. Options Medical Weight Loss has helped more than 25,000 patients achieve their weight loss goals.

Hear from Options Medical Weight Loss Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Katrina Mattingly – what makes Options Medical Weight Loss different.

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