Options Medical Weight Loss™ Programs

Achieve your goals with a personalized weight loss program
created by our clinical leadership team!


Options Diet System™

Options Medical Weight Loss takes pride in providing a highly personalized program designed to address the unique needs of each patient. Our experienced medical providers carefully assess each patient’s requirements, ensuring a tailored approach to their weight loss journey. We prescribe a range of FDA-approved medications for appetite suppression when necessary…

Options Premium
GLP-1 Program

Options Premium is a holistic approach that leverages our experience with nutrition, weight loss coaching, medical supervision, and appetite suppressants. We then add in GLP-1 medications to create a program that delivers healthy weight loss even faster than before. This science-based approach can help you lose as much as 40 pounds in just 12 weeks!

Options Lifestyle

Options Medical Weight Loss offers a variety of lifestyle memberships for long-term patients to achieve and manage a healthy weight. These exclusive memberships are designed to help reduce future risks of developing type two diabetes, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular heart disease.

1:1 Weight Loss Health Coaching

Weight loss is a journey. And it’s not always easy. It helps to have someone in your corner. A coach. A friend. A fan. At Options, we’re all of these things. Our weekly one-on-one weight loss & diet coaching sessions keep you on track to reach your goals. We listen to your struggles and cheer on your successes. 

GLP-1s for Weight Loss

GLP-1 medications (glucagon-like peptide 1s) represent one of the most effective drug classes for achieving long-term weight loss in the market. Research has demonstrated that patients utilizing GLP-1s can shed between 15% and 20% of their body weight. We offer Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, both are GLP-1 medications that help you feel fuller for longer.

Lipotropic Fat Burning Injections

Do you need something to help burn fat faster along with your well-balanced diet and exercise? Try our Lipotropic fat burning injections at Options Medical Weight loss. Lipotropic (lipo) shots are fat-burning injections of vitamins and amino acids that encourage the body to burn fat. These compounds help accelerate…

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