OptiClean with Muscle Support


OptiClean with Muscle Support is a comprehensive 5-in-1 cleanse system that aids the detoxification of your liver, kidney, and digestive system with five different proprietary supplementation products.

How It Works

Environmental pollutants in air, water, and food are sources of toxins that can damage the metabolic function of your body, causing premature aging, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, sleeplessness, weight gain, and other symptoms. OptiClean works to cleanse toxins and reset the metabolic function of your body by detoxifying your organs.

Toxins are stored in adipose tissue (fatty tissue) and are slowly released at a steady rate all the time. However, during weight loss, fat cells are broken down and toxins are released at a more rapid rate and sent into the bloodstream. This causes a massive build up of pollutants internally, leading to organ damage, increased risk of chronic disease, and decreased weight loss. Taking OptiClean can prevent these damages caused by toxins in the bloodstream by aiding your body’s detoxification process in releasing the build-up of toxins through breath, urine, defecation, and sweat.

OptiClean with Muscle Support contains a variety of natural ingredients designed to support detoxification. Milk thistle extract is one of the main active ingredients used to aid in liver detoxification. Studies have shown improvement in liver function (reduced inflammation and damage) in people with liver diseases who have taken a milk thistle supplement, as well as protecting the liver against toxins like amatoxin. Milk thistle has also been shown to help manage type 2 diabetes. It’s been discovered that milk thistle may work in the same way to some diabetic medications by decreasing blood sugar and helping improve insulin sensitivity. Milk thistle can even help prevent age-related decline in brain function.

L-Glutamine is another compound in OptiClean used for detoxification and for muscle support. L-glutamine (also called glutamine) is an amino acid that is a building block of protein and needed by your body in large amounts. It is one of twenty naturally occurring amino acids found in protein foods. Glutamine becomes essential when you experience disease or muscle wasting. Research shows that L-glutamine can significantly aid in promoting muscle growth, improving muscle recovery, boosting metabolism, and enhancing heart health. The health benefits of glutamine are abundant: glutamine is important for removing excess ammonia (a waste product in the body), and supports your immune system function, brain function, and digestion.

The propriety blend of natural supplements in OptiClean with Muscle Support include several essential vitamins and minerals, probiotics, herbal extracts, and amino acids designed to offer you a comprehensive program that aids detoxification, metabolic function, and healthy weight loss. The benefits of OptiClean with Muscle Support include healthy liver detoxification, balanced blood sugar, enhanced digestion, improved immune function, and elimination of parasites.

How It’s Used

OptiClean contains natural supplements and does not require a prescription. You should take two packs of OptiClean per day with water (one pack in the morning and the second pack at night). For best results, it is recommended to repeat OptiClean every six months to reverse the natural occurring damage from environmental factors and from some of the “fun” life choices we make.

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