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Lindsey’s Journey to Improved Health

Lindsey lost 45lbs and 13% of her body fat after joining Options Medical Weight Loss. Not only did she lose weight, but she has avoided high blood pressure and high cholesterol with the help of her Care Team at Options. Watch this video to hear her inspirational story about her journey through it all!

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We all have to start somewhere. To get you on the right track to achieving your weight loss goals, we offer a free metabolic test and complimentary consultation to assess where you’re at and where you want to be. We’ll review your weight loss goals, medical history, current nutrition, and goal timeline. From there, we can customize a plan tailored to your individual needs, aspirations, and lifestyle. Our doctors will manage your prescriptions and our weight loss counselors will provide guidance on your diet and support you every step along the way. Submit the form above to get your free consultation.

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