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Jo Ellyn lost 57.5lbs with
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Jo Ellyn’s Story

My journey with Options began when I saw a picture that my sister-in-law posted on Facebook, when my nephew Benjamin received an award from the Chicago Bears. I looked at the picture and I thought, “Oh my God, who is this?” when I saw myself. That moment is when I talked to my brother who was using Options, and he told me about the program. The next day I had a consultation scheduled, and I started my program same day.

Before coming to Options I was determined that I was gonna do something that was going to help me lose weight, especially after seeing my picture on Facebook. I have not been taking pictures, as I knew I was getting heavier. From the first day I walked into Options, my confidence each week has continued to grow. My favorite options experience is actually getting on the scale, which I thought I would never ever say. Getting on the scale and seeing the weight loss, or where I’ve gained muscle, or where the water weight is always exciting.

Options has changed my life dramatically in various aspects. I’m more active, I play with the grandkids more, and I am always looking to do something instead of sitting on the couch watching TV. This year with COVID, I have been out doing yard work. Some of my neighbors actually thought I had died because they hadn’t seen me in about five years out in the yard. Now, I have done little projects in my yard, and all my neighbors can say hi and check in.

My experience with Options has really been fantastic. I realized the weight didn’t come on overnight, so I don’t expect it to go off overnight. Learning how to eat correctly and getting detailed support throughout my journey has been very helpful

Jo Ellyn Testimonial

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