Setbacks happen to all of us as we embark on our weight loss journeys. However despite it happening to everyone, seeing that backward step can crush spirits and leave you feeling very negative about yourself. We tend to hold ourselves to high standards that are unrealistic and have no room for grace. This causes those little slip-ups to feel bigger than they are, even if we are on the verge of reaching our personal weight loss goals.

It is absolutely crucial to stay motivated, especially when these setbacks occur. That motivation will help you permanently establish these changes and reinforce these new healthy habits. You cannot let your setbacks evolve into excuses, and excuses morph into old habits and unhealthy trends. Learning to accept yourself, your mistakes, and your flaws not only makes you stronger physically, but it also makes you more resilient mentally. Turning those mistakes into learning experiences instead of excuses will become the launchpad to your success!

Why did you start?

Sometimes the best way to overcome your setbacks is to remember why you started. Was it the desire for a healthier lifestyle? Was it to gain confidence in yourself and your body? No matter what it was, reflecting back can help you anchor in your ultimate goal. If you were to go back to the life you had before you started working towards this goal, would you be happy? Remind yourself that time will pass whether you’re working hard or not. Only you can determine where you will be when that time goes by.

 What caused this setback?

Finding the root of your setback is also an important step in moving past it. Not just looking at your cravings that caused you to give in, but looking at what caused that craving. Or even why it was difficult for you to resist. Failure is so much deeper than just the act itself, but the cause of the act in the first place.

You cannot remove a tree from your yard just by chopping it down. It will eventually grow back. You have to uproot it. This is also what you have to do with your setbacks. It will take some long reflection, but identifying the roots of your setbacks and the triggers that caused you to stumble will allow you to uproot the issue and be more mindful of yourself.

Change up your routine

Sometimes the best way to get back on track is to start new on a blank canvas. It is totally normal and natural to get tired of the repetition of life. So shake it up and changing your strategy can unlock a whole new potential for growth and progress. If you need assistance in creating a new plan, seeking help at a weight loss center could be a great resource to help you grow.

Open and honest

Opening up with someone you trust about your struggle can set you free from the war in your mind. Our instinct is always to cover up our mistakes, but mistakes make us human. And humbling ourselves to admit we’ve had a setback can help us get past it and move forward. It relieves the stress of feeling alone and lets someone help us when we need it. Going to a weight loss center can be a great resource for this.

If you’re uncomfortable talking to a friend, start a journal where you can still express your thoughts and feelings in a healthy and safe environment. This also allows you to look back and see your personal growth as you reach your goals. This can be inspiring for future setbacks or when you need motivation.

Focus on the positive changes

The negatives of your journey can seem overwhelming. However, focusing on the positive changes you’ve made and everything you’re doing right can help you stay focused and motivated on your goals. Self-evaluate as you go, learn your lessons, and celebrate when the good things happen! The moment you realize how much greater your accomplishments are compared to your failures is the moment that the journey gets easier, little by little. Just because one thing went wrong doesn’t mean everything will go wrong.

Here at Options Medical Weight Loss in South Loop, IL, we are devoted to your success and accomplishments in your weight loss journey. We help monitor your progress, customize plans and programs for your needs, and ultimately help you in motivation towards the end goal. Call today to learn more, and start fresh on this path to a new and imported lifestyle.