There are many reasons to decide to lose weight, including joint improvement, high school reunions, or overall heart health. However, the initial decision to lose weight isn’t the hardest choice you will have to make, it will be how you go about this weight loss journey.


Striking out on your own and doing extensive research can work. However, studies have shown that out of the 10,000+ people who lost over 30 pounds and kept it off for over a year, 50% of them were a part of a weight loss program. The reality is people can be successful when they are on their own, but when it comes to losing more than 25 pounds you can find yourself hitting a wall. Therefore a weight loss program can be a useful tool for you as you begin the process of losing weight. Not only does it offer education and support, but it also holds you accountable.


There are hundreds of options when it comes to finding your ideal weight loss program. Group-oriented, meal replacement, and medically supervised are all different options when it comes to programs. With so many options it can be overwhelming. Not to worry! We have composed the best tips and tricks when it comes to searching for the perfect program for you.

There are some very specific things that you should look for, including:


Balancing Your Approach

A weight loss program should address the various aspects of your lifestyle like your diet, exercise routine, and general daily behaviors to promote a lasting change.


An Educated Staff

The staff of the weight loss program should be well educated with a lot of experience. You trust them with your health, so they must be qualified to be in that position. This can include registered personal trainers, dietitians, therapists, and more.


A Customized Plan

Weight loss is a unique process for each person because of their own individual needs and restrictions. This means having a custom plan that fits you and what you need is important when looking for a weight loss program.



When a plan becomes too restrictive and extreme, it can definitely help you lose weight. Unfortunately, these plans cannot be maintained, leading to you eventually gaining that weight back. It is important to find a plan that isn’t too strict or difficult to make part of your lifestyle.


Follow-Ups and Support

The staff should be open and inviting to questions and inquiries before you enroll and give plenty of opportunities to communicate with those who have gone through the program.

In addition to things, you should look for, there are also specific things you should avoid.


Big Promises

A lot of programs out there will promise huge and drastic changes while using their most extreme success stories as an example. While this can be the case with you, it is important to keep an eye out for weight loss programs that do not provide realistic promises or expectations.


Gimmick Based

There are tons of programs that offer weight-loss agents, medications, or supplements that are often very expensive with limited proven value. These can unfortunately also have some underlying health complications that are hidden under the surface of instant results.


Rapid Results

Without a medical professional supervising the process, rapid weight loss can be very dangerous and unhealthy. Weight loss itself can be a shock to the body, and when done quickly it can cause more problems than solutions.


Here at Options Medical Weight Loss in Dublin Ohio, we offer programs that fit right with your needs and restrictions. With a trained and qualified staff, we can offer the support and guidance you need to begin your journey into a healthier lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.