Have you ever contemplated how certain people manage to balance healthy eating habits and exercise routines while maintaining a weight that is healthy? We tend to think of person who can manage his or her weight and exercise routine as being “lucky” or we state that they have a better metabolism. However, this kind of thinking does fail to take into account people who were previously unhealthy, inactive or overweight, and how they changed their way of thinking.

Weight loss research tells that these people who have lost weight attribute their success to a change in mindset.

Types of weight loss mindsets

There are two main mindsets: positive and negative. As you can assume, a positive weight loss mindset encourages personal growth and achievement, while a negative weight loss mindset is one that tells you it is easier to give up.

Characteristics expected in a negative weight loss mindset:

For individuals with a negative mindset regarding weight loss, you will likely experience an internal war of motivations and goals, which leads to weight loss failure.

  • You feel like it is too hard to lose weight
  • You equate working out to a form of personal punishment
  • You are sure that eating healthy will prevent you from having a good time
  • You place more value on everything other than your health
  • You are often mad at your metabolism
  • You frequently make complicated excuses for why you are not losing weight or working out.

Characteristics expected in a positive weight loss mindset:

For individuals with a positive mindset regarding weight loss, you will likely experience a winning outlook that helps to push you to take actions start a weight loss journey, increase activity, and create a lasting lifestyle.

  • You are prepared to take the actions required to lose weight
  • You believe you are capable of losing weight and making changes that last
  • You are prepare to make changes to your nutrition and exercise habits
  • You understand that the benefits associate with weight loss outweigh the costs
  • You can own your own behavior and do not blame anyone else
  • You focus on what will be the outcome of your choices
  • You are happy to accept some discomfort associated with lifestyle change
  • You are willing to make your health a priority.

Making a change to your weight loss mindset

The start of a weight loss journey is more than identifying a medical weight loss program that works. To achieve weight loss success, you need to have the right weight loss mindset.

If this helped you identify that you have a negative mindset regarding weight loss, do not think that it is over for you! The weight loss doctors at your local Options Medical Weight Loss can help you learn to become positive and motivated about weight loss.