One of the major problems with people trying to lose weight is they’re unmotivated because they are doing it to “look good.” While yes, losing weight can make you feel more confident, there are many other benefits to losing weight.

If you change your mindset to fixing your health, you will have more success with your process. One of the major improvements you can do for your body when losing weight is to improve your heart health.

Losing even a little weight can greatly improve cardiovascular health, boost its function and improve metabolism.

According to Washington University, “researchers followed patients in a weight-loss program and demonstrated that four key measures of heart and vascular health improved in those who lost weight, including the heart’s pumping ability, its ability to relax, the thickness of the heart muscle tissue and the thickness of the carotid artery walls.”


How does Losing Weight Affect my Heart Health?

Blood Vessels

Losing weight reduces the strain on your heart, giving it an easier workload. As you shed pounds, there’s less fat around your heart, reducing clots, and clogged arteries. This can avoid heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.


Blood Fats

Your lipids change when you shed pounds, this means your triglycerides go down and your cholesterol will go down.


Blood Clots

Healthy weight and blood pressure will ultimately give you fewer blood clots.


The Belly

Interestingly, the fat around your belly affects your heart health as well. The weight that isn’t distributed evenly around your body and is focused in your gut area, can lead to an increased risk of a heart attack.


Heart Health is important. Our heart works hard to pump blood and keep us alive, so treat your body kindly and take care of it. If you need guidance in losing weight, Options Medical Weight Loss, Largo, FL, can help you to improve your heart health.