While on the search for a weight loss method that’s monitored and managed by weight loss medical professionals, it’s been discovered that there are a few medications that help Naperville, IL weight loss patients.

One of those prescription weight loss medications is Phentermine, also known under the brand name Adipex. Phentermine is a powerful appetite suppressant that stunts the signal our brain sends to make us feel hungry. There’s a lot of myths and rumors that surround appetite suppressants in pop culture, so we’ve compiled a few FAQs about the prescription weight loss medication Phentermine so that you can learn whether Phentermine is right for you.

How does the weight loss medication Phentermine work?

The hypothalamus, a part found deep in the brain that controls hunger levels. The prescription weight loss drug Phentermine affects the neurotransmitter and it’s activity in the hypothalamus, which drastically stunts an appetite and promotes weight loss. Phentermine is not recommended for anyone with hypertension or kidney disease due to the risks it has with those conditions.

Does the Naperville, IL weight loss medication Phentermine have any side effects?

A very common side effect of phentermine is dry mouth. Thankfully, this can be easily managed by chewing sugar-free gum and staying hydrated. Another common side effect is heightened anxiety and sleep deprivation.

Phentermine might disrupt your sleep cycle or make you moody and irritable. In some cases, side effects including constipation or diarrhea may occur very early on. Thankfully, all side effects should fade away as the patient continues to build a tolerance to the suppressant.

How often and when should I take weight loss prescribed Phentermine?

The majority of patients begin with just one, 30 mg pill a day. The recommended time to take the dosage is in the morning, around 9 or 10 am.

This gives you the best results that last all day. It takes around 3-5 days for the weight loss medication Phentermine to build up or flush out of the system. This means after you’ve built it up in your system, missing a dose or two won’t affect your appetite suppression.

Does Phentermine stop working after a while?

Over time, a patient will develop a toll era cue towards the medication. Similar to how the side effects will die down over time, so will the appetite suppression. The best way to combat this, is to increase your dosage under weight loss doctor supervision. Consulting your doctor when the effects begin to wear off is the best way to combat your body’s tolerance.

Will Phentermine show positive on a drug test?

Many Naperville, IL weight loss patients worry that taking Phentermine will cause them to fail a workplace drug test. A standard drug test may give off a false positive for amphetamines, due to the medication differing from the illicit substance, However, a more sensitive drug test will be able to see the difference between the two, as well as indicate whether you’re taking a prescription or not.

When making the choice to lose weight, you have to choose the best resources and weight loss plan that will help you reach your goal. Phentermine is a great tool for controlling your appetite, allowing you to shed those pounds. While it does come with minor side effects, many agree that it’s worth it in their road to weight loss.