Anyone on the journey of weight loss knows that weight loss programs can be a very challenging part of the process. With floods of weight loss information, and changing your entire lifestyle, it can be very hard to pick out what makes a medical weight loss program successful. However, across the board there is one element that all weight loss programs can agree with. This little gem is called protein, and it is the full that will keep you driving towards your goal. But how does protein help you so much? Here are 5 ways protein can be your key to weight loss success.

Protein fills you up for less – carbs and sugars can burn up very quickly. This is good for weight loss, but bad for nutrition. Before you know it you’ll find yourself eating a lot more of these unhealthy foods to compensate for how fast you’re burning them off. Protein however doesn’t burn off so easily. It lasts much longer, fueling you and making you feel fuller for longer periods of time. This helps you better manage your portions and to stick to a meal plan. Protein slows down your digestion as well, making it easier to stick to one serving instead of going back for more.

Protein has tons of health benefits – you may have heard this before, but it deserves to be brought up again! Lean sources of protein contain omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients. If these proteins are added as an essential in your diet you’ll find yourself gravitating towards healthier foods. Protein also gives you more bang for your buck. Compared to fat, which gives you 9 calories per gram, protein gives you only 4 calories for the same amount of space. This means less calories while feeling more full!

Protein feeds your muscles – bodybuilders and athletes love protein because it feeds muscles and maintains muscle mass. After string and intense workouts, your body needs protein to refuel and stay strong. Instead of sugars or carbs which will starve your muscles, protein gives them the boost that they need to stay strong and healthy.

Protein kickstarts fat burning – Your body doesn’t burn and use fat for energy without the assistance of protein or carbs. As you approach your medically supervised weight loss goals, you’re going to lose muscle mass along with your fat. That’s why it’s crucial to have a healthy amount of proteins in your diet. This ensures that your muscles will be safe from the burning of your fat.

Protein is the key nutrient that will make your weight loss journey so much easier. It cuts down on spikes in your blood sugar, stunts your cravings for carbs, and keeps you fuller for longer. With these benefits on top of feeding your muscles as you go, protein is the best tool in your arsenal to fight weight gain.